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Finding a Spa in Zakopane – A Complete Guide

Read our complete guide to finding a spa in Zakopane, which includes all the info you need about the wellness facilities in the winter capital of Poland.

So, you’re looking for a spa in Zakopane? Why not? This mountain town is just about perfect for kicking back in a hot tub while gazing at the snow-capped Tatra Mountains or steaming away the tension from the muscles after a long day’s skiing down the pistes of Kasprowy Wierch. We’re not just saying that, either. There are now more spa hotels and wellness facilities in this town than you can shake your smoked sheep’s cheese at. It’s like a mini Baden Baden in the Polish peaks.

This guide will run through all you need to know about getting a into a spa in Zakopane. It’s got suggestions on the best ones, what you can expect to pay for entry, and a whole load more. Let’s begin…

This is just one part of our complete travel guide to Zakopane

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What will you find in this guide to finding a spa in Zakopane?

How to get into a spa in Zakopane?

A woman in a spa

There are three ways to get access to a spa in Zakopane. You can either book yourself into a hotel that comes with a spa, go a hotel that has a spa and pay for entry, or visit one of the local thermal bath complexes. In our opinion, the first and last choices are by far the better ones, and here’s why…

Paying for spa access at a hotel can cost a bunch. We’ve paid 100 PLN ($23) on one occasion and over 150 PLN ($34) on another. That might not seem like a whole load, but you have to remember that Poland is probably cheaper than what you’re used to. Plus, remember that you’d pay nothing – nada, zilch – if you simply booked a hotel with free spa access in the first place. They could be as little as $50 a night in some cases. It’s a no-brainer.

Then there’s the option of choosing one of the local thermal baths. We like that way, too. It’s a proper day out and promises to be an activity in itself. The Podhale region – the area where Zakopane makes its home – also boasts some of the best thermal baths in the country, many of which have views of the Tatras.

Let’s break it down a little more…

Hotels with a spa in Zakopane

Aries hotel, on Krupowki Street

We can see why you might be more tempted by option one. We often are. It means bagging yourself a stay with a spa right there on site. That means you’ll have access to the saunas and the steam rooms and the bubbling Jacuzzi whenever you damn well want it. Well, provided the spa isn’t closed. In addition to that, hotel spas tend to be less busy than the commercial thermal baths of the surrounding region, so you’re likely to find them a touch more romantic and relaxing.

The key is to choose a hotel with a good spa. Trust us…we’ve stayed in spa hotels and spa hotels in Zakopane, if you catch our drift. They are not all made equal. Some have dated pool areas, broken tiles in the steam rooms, and dirty saunas – not good. On the flip side, some hotels flaunt spas that are nothing short of SPECTACULAR. They include:

Aries Hotel & Spa ($$$)

A forever favorite of ours, Aries trumps most all of the hotels in Zakopane with its gorgeous architecture and five-star service. You can check out the rooms and the amazing breakfast offering yourself, but suffice to say that the spa is wonderful. It’s one of the few in town that has outdoor hot tubs (amazing in winter) and both Himalayan salt rooms and two types of saunas. Plus, kids under 16 aren’t allowed in the spa, which is nice 😊.

Grand Hotel Stamary ($$$)

Close to the bus station for easy convenience after you leave Krakow, Grand Hotel Stamary is a great luxury hotel with reasonable prices. We’ve stayed here multiple times and are always pleased how easy it is to connect with local transport for hiking and skiing. Then there’s the spa. It’s all underground, with a lovely pool that leads to the biggest hot tub in Zako (or, at least, we think it is). Downstairs are tanning beds, an ice bath, and saunas.

Grand Podhale Resort&Spa ($$)

The highly rated Grand Podhale Resort&Spa is a great option for travelers who aren’t too keen on staying right in the center of Zakopane. It’s a big hotel with a modern spa facility, including a hammam and hot tub.

Gold Hotel ($$)

We love the noir vibes of the spa at the Gold Hotel, which only has a few rooms, so you can rest assured it should be quieter than many of the other options near the center.

Thermal baths near Zakopane

As we’ve mentioned, the region around Zakopane is riddled with thermal baths. The whole district is considered a bit of a health escape by Poles, who come to bathe in the mineral-rich springs that gurgle up from under the Tatras. Today, the waters have been harnessed to create a series of pretty darn lovely spa facilities that tick all the boxes, offering saunas and steam rooms and al fresco thermal pools.

The downside here is that you’ll probably have to travel out of Zakopane to find the best of them, either in your own car or on a planned excursion. Thermal baths can also have confusing pricing structures that mean you’ll need to fork out more for sauna access and whatnot, all while being timed on your stay as a whole.

If you’re looking at visiting one of the local bath complexes, check out…

  • Aqua Park Zakopane – This one’s actually in Zakopane town itself. You can walk there in about 10 minutes from Krupowki Street. Sadly, it’s not the nicest complex around and is a bit more like a leisure center than a spa facility. That said, it does offer a series of indoor hot tubs, outdoor pools with mountain views (lovely in the summer), and saunas.
  • Terma Bania – Probably the most famous baths in the region, Terma Bania sit 20-30 minutes’ drive out of Zakopane itself, at the base of the ski slopes in Bialka Tatrzanska. It’s a fantastic complex but the prices can be high. Views of the Tatras to the south are epic. Outdoor pools are downright amazing in winter.
  • Termy BUKOVINA – A little to the east of Zakopane, these well-rated baths overlook the summit of Rysy (Poland’s highest mountain) in the distance. They have all the bells and whistles, from heated outdoor pools to interior saunas. We’d say they are the quieter of the ones in the immediate region, so perhaps a touch better for couples.

This article may contain affiliate links to hotels, services, and other extras that will earn us something if you click through and book. It’s what helps us keep offering great info on Krakow, so thanks for that!

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