Pizza Zakopane

Pizza Zakopane – 4 BEST Places in Town

Discover the best pizza Zakopane can offer, with our top four picks. Boy it was a chore researching this one! Pizza, pizza and more pizza.

If you’re searching for the best pizza Zakopane can offer then you’ve come to the right place. This guide will hop from the popular restobars on Krupowki Street to more hidden bistros in the side streets of Zako to seek out the options that have the finest pies around.

And we’ll say this, after more than 10 years of exploring Zakopane every summer and winter, plus what can only be called a bit of an unhealthy obsession with Italy’s national dish, we think we’re well placed to judge this category.

There’s no overload of options, just a solid handful (minus one) that can offer great pizzas over a long weekend. Yes, we’re assuming you’ll be eating pizza every night. Why not? Here goes…

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Cristina Ristorante & Pizzeria

Cristina pizza and hotel

Cristina Ristorante & Pizzeria simply has to be top of our list when it comes to picking the finest pizza Zakopane can muster. Why? Well…while the joint might not excel in a way that some of the Neapolitan places in Krakow do (Nolio, we’re looking at you), it offers almost certainly the best all-round pizza in the mountains.

That’s even with what seems like a recent change in ownership. Mhmm, whoever’s cooking is great at nailing a balance between crispiness, saltiness, and topping on the dough. Plus, there’s a nice array of choices, not least of all an optional upgrade to buffalo mozzarella a la Campanian locals would do.

The final cherry on top is the wine list. It’s not just great, it’s one of the greatest Italian wine lists in Zakopane. You can pick Veneto Pino Grigio, Tuscan classics, or the in-house stuff, which is usually good, not to mention more off-beat Georgian wine labels and things.

(If you really don’t want to stray far from here, be sure to book in to the deluxe Cristina Aparthotel that’s just above. It’s one of our top picks for hotels in Zakopane. Our last stay there in 2023 was spectacular, with a Jacuzzi that overlooks a snow-covered square in winter on the menu.)

“Pinokio” Pizza & Pasta

“Pinokio” Pizza & Pasta has blazed onto the Zakopane gastronomy scene in the last couple of years and given this humble Polish mountain town something it never had before: Neapolitan pizza. Now, we know there are some aficionados up in Krakow who might scoff at that, but this joint makes a very good attempt at the southern dough and softness, so much so that it’s certainly worth dropping by.

Expect pizzas with big, blown up crusts that char just a little in the oven. There’s a whopping 24 different types of pie on the menu, including the classics of Margarita and Caprese. On top of that, you can pick big bowls of pasta with or without meat (we hear the Nduja sausage one is pretty fine).

“Pinokio” Pizza & Pasta has a prime location right on the side of Krupowki Street (the main street in Zakopane). It’s set over two floors but still manages to be busy every time we drop by. The one catch? There’s still no booze on the menu, so if you want a wine or beer then head elsewhere.

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Restauracja Villa Toscana

If you’re not one for those plus, cushiony Neapolitan bases then mosey over the main park area to Restauracja Villa Toscana. This relatively new – and downright huge – restaurant (are there three floors?) is a homage to all things Tuscany.

As such, it does the flatter, thinner, crispier type of pizza that’s known as Romana. They do them well, too, with a good slop of imported tomato passata and toppings that include blue cheese, local smoked cheese, chicken, and buffalo mozzarella.

Actually, this is one of the few Zakopane pizza options where you’re likely to find that pizza isn’t the number one offering on the menu. They have an extensive selection of pastas that take center stage, plus a decent wine selection to boot. The best area to sit? On the first floor at the back, where you get a view of Szymoszkowa hill and the Zakopane park.

Picollo Pizza Zakopane

Rolling pizza dough

Our fourth and final pick for pizza in Zakopane has to be Picollo Pizza Zakopane. It’s set under the shadow of the Tatras right on the south side of the town, close to the entrance to the Tatra National Park. That makes it a top choice if you’re just coming down from a hike, or if you’re up that way watching some ski jumping.

Pizzas here are classic European attempts at mingling southern Italian and Northern Italian styles. That’s not a bad thing. It’s good. You get crispness in the dough with a hint of charcoal out of the fire. The menu is also delightfully simple, with just 10 options that cover most of the mainstays for meat and veggies alike.

The spot is small and cozy. Plus, we’ve heard they serve top-notch cocktails and coffees alongside their pizzas and pastas, so you can stick around for a cheeky Negroni overlooking the mountains if you so wish.

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