This article waxes lyrical about Taste Vodka in Krakow. It’s a recommendation we can make because we’ve had an awesome time on their tours, and so have hundreds of TripAdvisor users by the looks of things! They’re the most tried-and-tested company for organizing tasting vodka in Krakow.

Just in case you didn’t get the memo: Poland has a thing for vodka. From potent and clear to sugary and cherry-tinted, the strong stuff is like jet fuel to these Central Europeans (note the Central there, please). In fact, the history of vodka in Poland goes back centuries. You could say it’s the longest history of vodka in the world, scene as the old Slavs in this corner of the continent only went and invented the stuff, didn’t they? So, brushing the objections of a few Russian oligarchs aside, let’s hit it and go tasting vodka in Krakow. Shots anyone?

The vodkas – obviously

It might seem obvious but the tipples themselves are the prime reason you should be sure to hit up a dedicated Krakow vodka tour. Woe to the philistine who thinks this is just about cracking a bottle of Imperial from yo’ local Tesco’s Extra. Not a chance. The art of vodka making runs deep here, which means there’s myriad types and styles, flavors and versions of the stuff to get through. Taste Vodka (the leading purveyors of these sessions in the city – seriously, don’t go with anyone else!), include at least seven different samples in their evenings, which you get to pick from a mind-boggling selection of over 200. They’re the masters to contact if you’re keen to go tasting vodka in Krakow

The history and culture

Like Neapolitan pizza and haloumi cheese before it, vodka enjoys a long past that’s wrapped up in local Polish folklore and medieval history. You simply can’t pass a night of necking shots without gaining something of an understanding of what the drink is, how it’s made, and its greater relevance to the development of regional culture. And if that all sounds a little heavy for an evening out on the tiles, trust us when we say you’ll feel a whole load more dignified sipping your drink with a side of factoids about bison grass and medieval cure-alls.

To meet some great people

Group vodka tastings in Krakow aren’t just about guzzling vats of C2H5OH (that’s alcohol, for those of you without a GCSE in chem). They can also be about meeting and mingling with likeminded people. Yep, group sizes can range from small to large, but if vodka’s proven itself at one thing, it’s surely bringing people together. Just wait – a shot or two down and you’ll be sharing tales about your sightseeing in Kazimierz or your love for the Krakow Market Square with Betty from Bristol.

It’s just the start of the night, if you want

The folk over at Taste Vodka like to start their tasting evenings nice and early, leaving you ample time to trundle over the Main Square and join the Krakow pub crawl, or hit one of the cosy taverns for a quiet beer as the snow falls outside. In fact, not only that, but the tours are run by in-the-know locals who are always more than happy to share their experiences of the best nightlife around. You’ll get tips on rollicking basement bars. You’ll find out where the hedonistic areas of town are. You can ask where you can watch the Champions League, if you must.

The foodies

If you’re the sort who simply can’t it the beers without something to soak up the suds, you’re in luck. Tasking vodka in Krakow doesn’t stop at pouring libations to the booze gods. It can also include some taste-bud-tingling foods. Taste Vodkas tours often come with a smorgasbord of Polish treats and delicacies, which have been artfully matched with the vodkas on offer. It’s like having your own private sommelier on hand when you start munching through pickled gherkins (that’s ogorki) and cheese packed dumplings (that’s pierogi).

These are just some of the top reasons to hit the highest-rated Krakow vodka tour in town! Head to their site to get plenty more and sign up today!