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The 7 Best Spas in Krakow + More Options

Get pampered with help from our ultimate guide to the spas in Krakow, which lists seven top facilities and thermal baths.

This guide to the top spas in Krakow has info on the top 7 places to relax and unwind during your break in the City of Kings.

So, you’re looking for the top spas in Krakow? We can only discern that all that medieval history and UNESCO sightseeing has taken its toll. Or is it the vodka and Polish beer that’s been giving you a hammering?

Whatever the reason you think you need a bit of hard-earned pampering, this guide is to the rescue. It homes in on seven of the very finest spas in Krakow to help you pinpoint the one that’s right for you.

They can all be broken into two groups: Spas in Krakow and spas just outside of Krakow. The reason for that is the region around Zakopane (some 1.5-2 hours to the south) can’t be ignored when it comes to wellness facilities

It’s been famed for centuries as a spa escape and has all the thermal bathing complexes to show for it. If you’re super serious about getting your hit of R&R, that’s the place to go. We list two of the finest thermal options there that are doable on day trips and organized tours.

The rest of the list is about spa facilities in the city itself, which you can easily work into your usual itinerary without too much trouble.

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This is just one part of our ultimate guide to things to do in Krakow

The best spas in Krakow itself

First, we’ll take a look at the top spas in the city. These are the places you can get to in like 10 minutes from the door of your hotel. Some are within easy walking distance of the Old Town or Kazimierz. Others need a short taxi. The point is it’s not some long day trip – it’s easy to do for a couple of hours of relaxation…

Hammam SPA

A hammam

Transport yourself to Istanbul by choosing Hammam SPA, a wellness center that draws on the mystery and ancient traditions of Eurasia. Hiding within a Turkish shisha spot and coffee shop on Smolensk Street, it’s less than five minutes’ walking from the western edge of the Old Town, and around 15 minutes’ walk from the Main Square.

Dip inside and you’ll be greeted by a darkened reception room that’s painted in rich oranges and reds, with exposed brick ceilings vaulted above. From there, you’ll be led into a spa facility that includes a classic hammam steam room. Those who opt for the self-service are provided with towels and soap, along with a proper kessa scrubbing glove. Alternatively, you can choose packages that include face masks and massages that make use of Dead Sea mud cosmetics.

The basic self-service package at the Hammam costs €28. Packages that include scrubbing and massages start at €60 per person.

Beernarium Piwne Spa Kraków

A beer spa

The Beernarium Piwne Spa Kraków is a unique – and very Polish – take on the classic spa experience. Instead of flaunting famous cosmetic brands and fancy massage routines, the folk here rely on the healing powers of everyone’s favorite pub tipple: Beer.

Yep, the folks here brew up hot baths of beer and do beer massages that take place in heated infrared saunas. They claim that the treatments up the level of Vitamin B and C in the body, whilst also doing the usual loosening of muscles to cut out all those aches and pains you’ve gathered on the day’s walking tours. Oh, and – naturally – you get to taste some great locally brewed craft beers while your on site.

Packages are varied but there are two main options: Group and couples’ beer spa sessions. They start at $42 per person.

May Thai Massage


May Thai Massage is our favorite go-to for a proper Thai massage in Krakow. It’s staffed by Thai expats who know exactly what bone to click and when. We’ve gone in here with tight lumbar bones and stiff spines and emerged feeling ready for an evening on the pub crawl. We hope they can do the same for you!

Look for the joint on Świętej Agnieszki street just south of the Wawel Castle, close to Kazimierz and about 10 minutes’ walking from the Old Town. The setting is calm and simple. They play Thai folk tunes and have a no-messing approach. Get in. Strip off. Lay on the bed. Viola: You’re away.

May Thai massage also happens to be among the best-priced spas in Krakow. They have packages that start at around $30 for a full hour’s treatment.

Tarita Salt SPA & Wellness

A woman in a salt spa

Tarita Salt SPA & Wellness draws on one of the natural resources that Krakow has had its disposal for centuries: Salt. They bill themselves as a holistic therapy center that can help locals counter the bad effects of the city’s smog problem in winter, but also up all round energy levels with innovative treatments based on good old sodium chloride.

Believe as much of that as you like. All we can say is that we’ve felt positively rejuvenated when leaving the establishment whenever we’ve been. Packages involve sessions in salty inhalation chambers that are said to work wonders for the respiratory system, along with isolation in floatation rooms filled with highly salinized water.

Tarita Salt SPA & Wellness is to the east of Krakow Old Town, but still only 15 minutes’ walking from the Main Square. One entry to the salt inhalation rooms is just 30 PLN (around $6 at the time of writing).

Thai Bali Spa

A sauna

Thai Bali Spa is actually a whole chain of spa and wellness facilities that have outlets across Poland, in Gdansk and Warsaw. Their Krakow iteration sits smack dab in the middle of the Old Town on bustling Florianska street, which is why we make a mention of them here – they are accessible from pretty much anywhere in the city and most major hotels are within walking distance.

As the name implies, the two flagship treatments are the Thai massage (a harder type of massage that’s all about clicking joints and relieving stress through stretching) and Balinese massage (a deep-tissue massage that’s supposed to help increase blood flow levels). Both start at 195 PLN ($40) for an hour but there are often 30% off promos up for grabs.

Interiors here are pleasant enough, with a theme that’s in line with the eastern inspiration behind it all. The major downside is that we’d say it’s a spa overtly aimed at tourists looking for a quick massage and out. The prices reflect that, so does the lack of authentic Polish thermal baths and saunas.

Baths in the Krakow region

Here’s our two cents: If you’re serious about visiting the best spas in Krakow then take a day trip to one in the surrounding region of Krakow.

The area about an hour’s transfer south of the city has been famed for its spa facilities for centuries. There’s a mix of all-new wellness places down there that ooze style, have indoor-outdoor pools that overlook the jagged Tatra Mountains, and use the – supposedly – healing waters of Poland’s highlands.

We have to say, they are quite fantastic. What’s more, getting there and back is pretty easy. You can rent a car and drive down to most of them on decent roads, or – better yet – simply book onto an organized tour. They run every day from Krakow, are generally cheaper than car hires, and offer pickups and drop offs at your hotel. Some even throw in extra things like visits to little mountain villages.

Anyway, here are the best spas down in the hills, and some of the best trips to visit them…

Chocholow Thermal Baths

Chocholow Thermal Baths

The Chocholow Thermal Baths are close to the mountain town of Zakopane (which is well known for its thermal bathing traditions), about 1.5 hours’ driving to the south. Don’t worry, though – there are regular day trips on offer that can do pick ups and drop offs right at your hotel in Krakow, ferrying you down to enjoy the mineral waters of this alluring spa facility.

Alluring is putting it lightly, too. The Chocholow Thermal Baths span two levels and spill from inside to outside. In all, they have over 3,000 square meters of spa space, which includes 30 individual pools and countless water fountains.

All that includes specialist treatment options like brine isolation pools and sulfur-infused pools. Oh, and the whole thing sits in the shadow of the Tatra Mountains, so you’ll be bathing with visions of snow-capped peaks on the horizon.

We’d go as far as to say they are the best thermal baths in the Podhale (mountain) region near Krakow.

As we’ve mentioned, the best way to visit these is definitely on a planned day trip. You can book those for around £40-50 per person. We really like this 8-hour itinerary, which you can do either in the evening or in the daytime. It includes a pickup and dropoff at various locations in Krakow, plus entry to the iconic Chocholow baths.

Terma Bania

Termy Bania spa

Just like the Chocholow Thermal Baths, the Terma Bania complex isn’t in Krakow but rather closer to the Tatra Mountains just to the south of town.

You can drive here on your own in about 1.5 hours. However, we recommend this private tour. It takes seven hours and includes entry – it will probably save you money overall when you factor in the cost of car rentals. Plus, you’ll be the only one on the trip, so there’s no waiting around for other travelers. You go when you want and leave when you want. Easy.

The Terma Bania is one of the best spa offerings in the region. It has saunas and steam rooms in its dedicated relax zone and even some play areas for the little ones in the main swimming space. The piece de resistance is an indoor-outdoor pool that offers head-on views of the Tatras. You can even watch the skiers on the slopes of Bialka Tatrzanska from there in the winter months.


Termy Bania spa

If it’s romance you’re after then the best baths of the highland region come at the Termy BUKOVINA. They’re set on a ridge just before the Zakopane valley, so have sweeping views of the pine forests and jagged peaks behind.

This is also one of the newer facilities in the region, so everything looks nice and clean and modern. The overarching thing about BUKOVINA is a focus on the healing powers of the local mineral waters. As such, they have 36-degree cave pools that are said to heal tight muscles (if you’ve been hiking, maybe?) and balmy steam rooms, plus a whole range of saunas and even a Coolarium for chilling in.

There is also a family-friendly side to BUKOVINA, which has twisting water slides and whatnot. It’s pretty good but it’s also kept nice and separate from the adult chill zone, which is why we’d pick this one for couples.

Again, BUKOVINA is quite far from Krakow – around 1.5-2 hours in all. It’s also the hardest of all the spas in the region to get to, being set up some winding roads in a small village. The best way to get there is a planned trip like this day-long option from LegendaryKrakow that takes around 8 hours and includes all admissions to to the spa.

Spa hotels in Krakow

PURO hotel lobby in Krakow

There;s one other obvious way to score yourself spa access in Krakow: Book a hotel that’s got one right there on site.

There’s a growing array of luxury hotels in the city that will offer this feature. Some have fully-fledged spa facilities with all the bells and whistles – steam rooms, saunas. Others are a bit more modest, offering a splash pool and a hot tub or something.

The thing is, it’s often pretty great value for money – we think lots of travelers will be pleasantly surprised to find that rates for the top-class spa stays aren’t crazy in the city. (This isn’t London, you can still score something like this for around £100 a night).

If this is the way you think you want to go, then be sure to check out our dedicated guide to the best spa hotels in Krakow.

Here, we’ll list just a few of the ones we really like with a bit of info why they’re so great…

  • PURO Kraków Kazimierz – A secret spa is hidden underground in this very stylish hotel. It’s nothing massibe but is ultra cool, with a chilled relaxation zone, a steam room, a sauna, plus a fitness center and massage area. It’s one of the most elegant spas we’ve seen in such a central Kazi location. The hotel itself is also ridiculously good!
  • Hotel Stary – A classic in Krakow, the Stary is a luxury hotel that’s right in the middle of the Old Town. It oozes history through its classically designed rooms and offers guests access to an underground spa that’s home to a small lane pool, a sauna, and steam room. It’s often where celebs stay when they’re in town.
  • Stradom House, Autograph Collection – This five-star palace of a hotel is a relatively new addition to the city’s line up of spa options but by god is it a stunner. Yes, it will cost you around $200 a night, but that gets you access to a gorgeous Art Deco-styled indoor pool and a private spa space with a sauna and massage parlour.

Want more options? has a whole array of hotels in Krakow with spas and swimming pools, which you can browse by price and by location using the handy map feature.

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