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The 4 Best Gyms in Krakow (+Top Hotels with Gyms in Krakow)

We list the top gyms in Krakow, all of which are located in or around the city center for easy access, along with some top hotels with gyms.

Our comprehensive guide to the 7 best gyms in Krakow outlines a bunch of fantastic spots for getting the sweat a-flowing during your trip to the City of Kings.

Whether you’re a local fitness enthusiast or a traveler looking to maintain your workout routine while exploring this beautiful Polish city, Krakow offers a diverse range of gyms to suit every fitness need.

In this guide, we delve deep into the heart of Krakow’s fitness world, exploring gyms that cater to a wide array of preferences and styles. From state-of-the-art facilities with the latest equipment to boutique studios offering specialized classes, Krakow’s fitness landscape is as diverse and inviting as the city itself.

Each gym on our list has been carefully selected based on key factors such as the quality of equipment, range of classes, expertise of trainers, cleanliness, and overall atmosphere. We’ve been members in a few of them ourselves, and have heard good things about plenty of others.

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My Fitness Place

A large gym

One of the most centrally located of all the gyms in Krakow, My Fitness Place is housed in the very same complex as the huge Galeria Krakowska shopping mall. You really can’t miss it – the train and bus stations are in the same building, so you’ve almost certainly passed through. Look for this one on the top floor, two escalators up.

Large but almost always busy, it’s one of the premier fitness offerings in the city. The spot comes complete with a whole row of running machines and crosstrainers, step machines, resistance weights, and bikes. There’s also a large free-weight section and oodles of compound weight machines. AKA – everything you need.

The downside here is that it’s tricky to get a single entry. You might find you’ll have to sign-up for a month, which comes at the rather hefty rate of 360 PLN ($90!)

Fitness Młyn

A pint-sized gym on the outskirts of the Old Town and well-located for anyone staying in the nice quiet streets just off Kamelicka, Fitness Młyn (pronounced Mwin) was a go-to for quick, HIIT workouts back in the day. They run a fantastic array of classes which, last time we checked, were available for drop-in guests at a small fee.

The gym space is small but rarely too busy. They have three or four treadmills (though at least one seems to be perpetually out of order), a couple of crosstrainers, and some nice space for more creative training with weight balls and box jumping.

Saturn Fitness

If you’re after something less busy than the more centrally located gyms in Krakow then head across the River to the upcoming hipster area of Zablocie and visit Saturn Fitness. It’s large and mainly for the locals, more and more of whom are slowly relocating to this buzzy part of the city. There’s usually plenty of space on the treadmills and in the weights zone, even at key times.

Saturn Fitness also happens to offer up a swimming pool and a fantastic array of fitness classes that encompasses everything from yoga to Zumba. What’s more – and here’s the real kicker – they offer a single entry pass for travelers that’s a mere 59 PLN ($14). No need to sign up for a whole month!

Atlantic Squash Fitness Gym

Squash Courts

We can vouch for the Atlantic facility on Krakowska street because we’ve been regular attendees to its on-site squash courts for some time. If you’re handy with a racket and ball then they’re some of the very best – and most affordable – in the city center.

There’s also a fully-fledged gym on site. It’s not the largest around but it is very conveniently placed for travelers, being sat neatly between the Wawel Castle and the hip area of Kazimierz.

Expect a row of crosstrainers and runners, along with modest free weights areas and stretching pads. We’d recommend hitting Atlantic nice and early, or later on, simply because it can get a touch busy.

The best hotels with gyms in Krakow

Squash Courts

In our experience, dropping in for just a single session to a gym in Krakow isn’t the easiest thing to do. Yes, it’s possible to get guest passes – either for free or at a small fee – but not all of the facilities listed here still do that.

A lot of the time, you’ll need to sign up and commit to a 6-month contract if you want to get through the door. That’s hardly ideal if you’re just looking for a quick workout on your weekend break.

The upshot? By fat the best option is to plump for a hotel in Krakow with a gym. There are plenty of them, and they are usually very high-quality, offering small but usaully empty workout spaces for guests to use to thier heart’s content.

There are a few hotels with gyms that really stand out from the crowd in the city right now…

  • PURO Hotel Kazimierz – We have a LOT of love for this hotel. Our most recent stay was in December 2023 and it, once again, hit all the right notes. The gym-spa facility is tucked into the basement. It’s very modern, is well-equipped with runners and resistance weight machines, and has free water to boot.
  • Bachleda Luxury Hotel Kraków – MGallery – A very fancy hotel with a gorgeous spa and a fine location in an old palace building just to the west of the Old Town. Pick this if you want five star luxury along with a gym.
  • Hotel Saski Krakow – It’s hard to beat the Hotel Saski Krakow for location. It’s right in the middle of the Old Town and is brand spanking new. The gym is small, with a single treadmill and free weights seciton, but it’s backed up by a seriously sumptouous swimming pool offering.
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