Meet the team

Here are the brains behind Krakow Buzz

Hey – we’re the team behind KrakowBuzz (or Krakow Buzz – say it and spell it however you please!). This is a site dedicated to what we think is unquestionably one of the best cities in the world: Krakow. The second-city of Poland, it’s a place that captured our imagination long, long ago. In fact, it captured some of our imaginations just about as long ago as it’s possible to have been captured, because one or two of the team were born in the so-called City of Kings.

Anyway, as you might be able to tell we positively love Krakow. We love its cafe culture (move over Vienna). We love its nightlife (hello 4am finishes!). And we love its history (there’s a castle or medieval church on virtually every single corner you turn!). We love it all so much that we’re passionate about sharing all the joy we have here with people who come and people who are thinking about coming. That’s why we work hard to give the latest info on the coolest spots, the best listicles, and the top curated guides for Krakow, Zakopane, and the whole region of south Poland.

Here’s a little info about our writers and why they’re the right people to have in your corner when you come to explore Krakow!

Asia Kaczmarczyk

Content manager and content lead

Asia is very much the brains behind the operation at KrakowBuzz. She’s one of the original staff writers that we had here and has created hundreds of articles about Krakow for various outlets around the internet. These days, she’s ours and ours alone, and leads our content team on everything from nightlife guides to guides about Krakow’s top historical sights.

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Joseph Richard Francis

Adventure travel writer

Joseph “Rich” Francis is a seasoned travel writer with expertise in surf travel and hiking travel. But he’s also an expert in Krakow, having lived there for four full years. These days, he prefers to spend most of his time on the coast, but returns to Krakow’s second city multiple times each year to try out what’s new on the Kazi dining scene and the latest craft beer joints. Joe currently heads up our content on Zakopane.

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