Weather in Krakow in May

The Ultimate Guide to the Weather in Krakow in May

Check this guide to the weather in Krakow in May, which includes info on average temperatures, things to do, best hotels and more...

Krakow has something to offer all year round, so you should always have plenty to do during your city break, regardless of when you decide to go. That said, those chasing the sunshine and warm weather should avoid visiting the city in the winter. On the flip side, though, summer months bring the crowds and, at times, extreme heat. What about May, though?

This guide to the weather in Krakow in May will explore the ins and outs of the city during late spring. We’ll talk you through the average temperature and give you tips on what clothes to pack. We’ll also explore the best things to do in and around the city to make the most of your May visit. So, let’s delve deeper…

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What will you find in this guide to the weather in Krakow in May?

What to expect from the weather in Krakow in May?

Krakow main square in May

So, you’re wondering about the weather in Krakow in May? You’re probably in for a treat, because that’s one of the best (if not the best) months of the year to visit the city. The spring is in full bloom by this time, but the summer is just around the corner. The days are getting longer, and the sun is shining more than in the months before. Sounds good? That’s not all. Summers in Krakow can be super-hot and quite exhausting… The mild temperatures you’ll experience in May are much more pleasant, especially if you want to wander around the city on foot or by bicycle.

The average temperature in May is around 15 C, but the highs can go well above 20 C. That said, you can also experience days when the temperatures don’t rise above 10 degrees Celsius, which is actually not unusual for this time of the year. Yup, it’s not summertime yet.

What to wear in Krakow in May?

You can expect mild temperatures and plenty of sunshine if you choose to visit Krakow in May, so there is no need to pack too many layers. That said, the evenings, especially at the beginning of the month might be quite chilly, so don’t be tempted to leave the fleece or jumper behind. May is the first month of the year when snowfall is a freak incident, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. However, if it does happen it shouldn’t last longer than a day or two. Don’t worry, it’s very unlikely.

It’s hard to predict what clothes will work best in Krakow in May because you can often be lucky and get a week of sunshine and 25 C, but you’re equally as likely to experience a week of rain. That means it’s worth packing your bag last minute after you’ve checked the forecast for your planned stay. We’d say it’s worth bringing some rain protection and something to keep you warm and light clothes and shoes for the warm days.

Top things to do in Krakow in May

Polish Mountains in spring

There are oodles of things to do in the city, and the weather in Krakow in May usually means you can make the most of your visit to southern Poland. The summer school holidays are far from starting, so you don’t need to worry about the crowds yet. So, let’s take a look at the best things to do in Krakow in late spring.

Go hiking

May is the prime time to go hiking in the Polish mountains, so if you’ve got enough time, why not hop on a bus to Zakopane? The days are long enough for lengthier treks, and the temperatures are pleasant but not too high. The risk of paths snow on the paths is minimal. Plus, there is a fraction of the crowds on the trails compared to the busy months of July and August. That said, if busy paths are something you want to avoid, we wouldn’t recommend Zakopane in the first week of the month. That’s actually one of the busiest times for domestic travel in Poland because of the long weekend known as majowka.

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Rent a bike

Again, we think May weather is perfect for outdoor activities, and Krakow is a great place to explore by bike. There are lots of cycling paths, and you’ll be glad to know that the city is pretty flat. Yup, no need to go for e-bikes. You can also go a little further and cycle alongside the banks of the Vistula River to reach the picturesque village of Tyniec. There is a beautiful monastery on a rock overlooking the winding river. The trip takes around 50 minutes to an hour one way.

Explore the city on foot

There is plenty to see in the centre of Krakow, and you can easily make your way around the city without any vehicles. Yup, Krakow might not be one of the smallest cities, but the historical parts are pretty compact, so it doesn’t take too long to get from place to place. You can also join one of the free walking tours with experienced guides, who will take you to places you might not be able to find on your own.

Enjoy Krakow’s beer gardens

If you’re lucky enough, the weather in Krakow in May will be perfect for enjoying the beer gardens around the city. You will probably need a jumper or a jacket to stay late, but it’s well worth staying outdoors if you can. Some of our favourite spots include the leafy Re garden in the old town, or Barka floating on the Vistula River right by kladka (the walking bridge that connects Kazimierz with Podgorze.

Where to stay in Krakow in May?

May is probably the first month of the year when you’ll appreciate some outdoor space in your hotel. Here’s a couple of lovely spots with nice alfresco areas to enjoy the late spring sunshine.

Vienna House by Wyndham Andel’s Cracow

Vienna House by Wyndham Andel’s Cracow is a modern and stylish hotel just a stone’s throw away from the train station and only a couple of minutes’ walk from the main square. The rooms are comfy and spacious. Make sure to book a room with a balcony, the city views don’t get better than this.

The Loft All-Inclusive Hotel Adults Only

This place isn’t for you if you’re coming as a family, but those travelling child-free will appreciate this chilled-out spot. Apart from stylishly-designed rooms, guests get access to a rooftop sauna and hot tub, which offer panoramic vistas over the city. All deals include breakfast, but you can also opt for an all-inclusive option for a little more.

Apartament Golden Place 2

This modern and glitzy apartment is all about the location. It’s a top-floor penthouse with a balcony and views over the Vistula river and Kazimierz. Plus, it’s only a few minutes’ stroll away from the centre of action in the buzzing Jewish quarter. It’s well equipped with kitchen utensils, so it’s a great choice if you want to self-cater.  

Downsides to travelling to Krakow in May.

We can’t think of too many downsides to visiting Krakow in May, cos it’s honestly one of our favourite months in the city. That said, we’d say that things can get quite busy in the first week of the month because of local holidays, but if you visit the city just after, things are back to normal for this time of the year.

The weather in Krakow in May is also hit-and-miss sometimes. You might be lucky enough to get plenty of sunshine and t-shirt temperatures, but you’re just as likely to get rainy days for a week. Make sure to check the latest forecasts before packing your bag, especially if you’re coming to Krakow at the beginning of the month, you can sometimes see temperatures dropping close to 0 C.

Is Krakow hot in May?

No, Krakow shouldn’t be too hot in May, but temperatures above 20 C aren’t unheard of. The end of the month is when you’re more likely to experience a bit of heat that could be enough to wear shorts and t-shirts. That said, the average for this month is around 15 C, so don’t count on too much summer weather.   

What is the best month to visit Krakow?

There is never a bad time to visit Krakow, so whichever month you choose you should have a good time. That said, if you’re not a big fan of cold weather visiting between May and September is your best bet. You can expect the biggest crowds in July and August, so we’d say the best months are May, June, and September.

Is Krakow cold in May? 

No, Krakow isn’t usually cold in May, but days and evenings can still be quite chilly. The start of the month is when you can expect the lowest temperatures, but the weather should be mild and present towards the end of the month.

This article may contain affiliate links to hotels, services, and other extras that will earn us something if you click through and book. It’s what helps us keep offering great info on Krakow, so thanks for that!

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