Spring in Krakow

The Ultimate Guide to Spring in Krakow

Spring in Krakow is a glorious time. You will see colourful plants and flowers all over the city, especially in the Planty Park surrounding the old town. As the winter ends, days get longer, and the temperatures slowly creep up. It’s a great time to visit Krakow before the summer crowds fill the Main Square.

Although you can’t be certain about the weather during spring in Krakow, it is usually much warmer than the months before. That said, you may need to bring some extra layers, especially if you’re planning your trip in early March – it’s still pretty much winter then.

This guide talks about the ins and outs of spring in Krakow. We’ll guide you through the spring months – March, April, and May. We’ve also outlined the key aspects of travelling to Krakow in spring from things to do to the weather.

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What’s in this guide to spring in Krakow

Krakow weather in spring

Spring in Krakow can be unpredictable, you may get beautiful sunny days with 20 degrees heat, but you might also wake up to snow. As the popular Polish saying states: April is the weaving that alternates between a bit of winter and a bit of summer – you may experience all sorts of weather not only in April but throughout all of spring in Krakow. That said, as you get closer to May, you can expect a lot more sunshine and warm weather than in the months before.

Although it’s rare, you may see the temperatures creeping below zero, especially in the first half of March. You also might see a little bit of snow, but don’t count on it – it’s not likely to stick around. On average, though, the temperatures in March will only be a couple of degrees above freezing, and those will go up as time passes. In April, you will likely see Celsius going into the double figures, and in May, you can count on the temperature staying solidly above the 10 degrees mark.

Spring in Krakow can be beautiful, you will get a lot more sunshine than in the months before, and you will see plenty of trees in Planty Park in bloom. That said, you can never be completely sure what the weather brings to Krakow during spring. You may have to pack some extra layers, but you also might want to stick shorts and T-shirts. Check the forecast before you pack.

Our pick: Krakow in May

Spring in Krakow_2

May is our favourite month during spring in Krakow. In fact, we think it is one of the best months to visit Krakow. The weather gets more summerlike, and you may be able to wear short sleeves on many occasions. It’s also not as hot and muggy as it sometimes is in the summer, so it’s a perfect time to explore the beautiful old town and Kazimierz on foot. Of course, this isn’t southern Spain, so the weather isn’t guaranteed, but it’s more settled than in April and March.

In May, you’ll be able to have a beer on one of the boats on Vistula River or sit on the deck chairs outside Forum Przestrzenie. It’s also a great time to rent bikes and cycle along the riverbanks to a historical castle in Tyniec. The locals, though, don’t pack away their winter coats just yet. You may get an odd day of freezing weather, and sadly, rainy days aren’t unusual.

Polish people start May with a long weekend called Majówka. Apart from celebrating Labour Day on the first day of the month, people have a holiday on the 3rd of May when they celebrate the constitution. Many people will plan their vacation around that time, so Krakow will be busier than usual. You may also find prices of hotels going up, so if you want to stay away from the crowds, avoid visiting Krakow in the first week of the month.

Check our complete guide to the weather in Krakow in May right here

Krakow in March

The beginning of March in Krakow will usually feel pretty much like winter. You will see plenty of people still wearing their winter coats, as the temperatures will often be close to zero. That said, the days are getting longer, and you will get much more chances of sunshine than the month before.

Is March a good time to visit Krakow? Certainly! You may need to pack some extra layers, but you will have a great time if you don’t mind a bit of cold. School winter break is over, and the summer crowds haven’t started flocking to the city yet, so you will still get a chance to score some great bargains on hotels. And hey, if you happen to visit in one of those wintery Marches, it’s a great time to catch the end of the ski season in Zakopane or Bialka Tatrzanska without the crowds.

Krakow in April

Spring in Krakow_4

They say in Poland that weatherwise, April is the least predictable month of all. As per the Polish saying, you may get some snow, or you may get some balmy, summerlike days. You never know. But in April, spring is in full bloom, so you will see colourful flowers everywhere you go. Krakow in April is beautiful, regardless of the weather, so you can’t go wrong.

If you’re planning to visit Krakow in April, you may want to take a trip to the Tatras. It’s the time when colourful crocuses grow all over the mountain valleys. It looks unreal! Be aware, though, that you will never be the only one trying to snap some great Instagram pics of the flowerful vistas. It often gets busy on the trails during the spring bloom.

Spring in Krakow: top things to do

Hiking in spring

Spring in Krakow is beautiful and a great time to visit the city. Here are some ideas on how to spend your time in Krakow in the spring:

Join a free walking tour

There are plenty of great walking tours around Krakow. They will teach you not only about the history of the city but also about Polish culture. Professional guides will take you to places you may not find yourself, so it’s well worth it. There are tours in the old town, Kazimierz, and Nowa Huta (an industrial, post-communist district). You don’t need to book a tour of the old town – they meet daily outside the Mariacki church. You might have to book a slot for other guided trips, though.

Although these tours are technically free, you are encouraged to contribute a donation at the end of the walk. You decide how much to donate.

Go hiking in the mountains

Spring is a great time to take a trip into the Tatras. As the snow melts down, more trails become accessible, so it’s a perfect occasion to get your hiking boots into action. The scenery is out of this world as the flowers bloom with the vistas of snowy peaks in the background. Plus, the temperatures in late April and May are fantastic for hiking, not too hot but warm enough to make the most of it. We can especially recommend the walk up Babia Gora (the closest mountain to Krakow that’s a cinch if you have a rental car) and the hike to Morskie Oko (one of the most famous hikes in the Tatras that’s still not super busy in April and May).

You will find many trails in the national parks near Zakopane, less than two hours away from Krakow.

Rent a bike

Krakow is pretty much flat, so why not explore it on two wheels? And we think that spring is the best time to cycle around Krakow, especially with lots of new cycling paths built in recent years. If you want to venture further afield, cycle along the banks of Vistula River to Tyniec castle.

Sadly, city bikes disappeared from Krakow back in 2020, but there are lots of companies out there offering great sets of wheels. Bike Rental Krk and Starbikes Rental offer good value city bikes in the centre.

Spring in Krakow: dates to remember

Easter in Poland

Here are some dates in spring that you should know about before planning your trip to Krakow:


The majority of Poles are Christian, and people in Krakow are no different. So, Easter here is a religious event, very different to an Easter egg hunt. Sunday and Monday are the official holidays when all shops will be closed. Some restaurants may also be shut, but you will see that most places in the centre stay open.

Easter Monday in Poland is called Śmigus Dyngus. It is when people throw large amounts of water at each other, which is why it’s also known as wet Monday. It isn’t a joke; it’s a Catholic tradition here. 

Maydays (Majówka)

Maydays in Poland take place on the 1st and 3rd of May every year. The first is to celebrate Labour Day, and the latter is the signing of the first Polish constitution. People will often take a day off on the 2nd to make it a long weekend. That means that lots of Poles go away, and things will be busier than the week before. Hotels will also charge a premium, so bear that in mind when planning your May trip.

Where to stay during spring in Krakow

Here’s a list of the best hotels in Krakow for your spring visit:

  • Bonerowski Palace – Beautifully decorated, historic hotel in the heart of Krakow old town. Perfectly located for the spring, evening strolls around the main square.
  • PURO Kraków Kazimierz – A modern and stylish hotel located in the vibrant Kazimierz district in Krakow. Apart from an indoor fitness centre, they provide bikes free of charge.
  • The Bridge Suites – It’s a sleek and stylish aparthotel overlooking the Vistula River, which can be a great place to stay when the weather’s warming up!

This article may contain affiliate links to hotels, services, and other extras that will earn us something if you click through and book. It’s what helps us keep offering great info on Krakow, so thanks for that!

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