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The Ultimate Guide on Getting from Rzeszow to Krakow

Travelling from Rzeszow to Krakow is more popular amongst Polish people visiting family rather than foreign tourists. That said, you may find that tickets to Rzeszow’s Jasionka Airport could be cheaper than those to Balice even if your final destination is the former residence of the monarchs. Luckily, getting from Rzeszow to Krakow is super easy and cheap.

This guide on getting from Rzeszow to Krakow outlines all available options for travelling on this route. We’ll give you info on the fastest, the cheapest and the most comfortable modes of transport. So, let’s delve deeper to see how to get from Rzeszow to Krakow….

What’s in this guide to travelling from Rzeszow to Krakow

Rzeszow to Krakow by plane

Rzeszow airport

There are no direct flights from Rzeszow to Krakow, and there is a good reason for that – it doesn’t make any sense. It’s not financially viable for any airline to operate on this route, because these two cities are not far enough away from one another to justify it.

There are actually no airlines that offer connecting flights on this route, even though you could technically fly via Warsaw. However, you’d have to buy separate tickets, which would probably end up being not only the most expensive but also the slowest way to travel between the cities.

Rzeszow to Krakow by train

Train tracks Poland

Time: 1h32m+

Cost: From 25 PLN

Comfort: 5/5

The most comfortable and convenient way to get from Rzeszow to Krakow is by train. It’s also the quickest way to travel between the cities. There are lots of direct options on this route, so you shouldn’t have much trouble finding suitable times. There is usually no need to prebook your tickets, but you should think about doing it in advance online if you’re planning to travel during the most popular times (holidays/long weekends). You can also get better rates if you don’t get your tickets last minute.

There are around 15 trains a day from Rzeszow to Krakow and the fastest ones only take a little over an hour and a half. Luckily the days, when the trains on this route could take over four hours are long gone, and now the slowest ones don’t take longer than two and a half hours.

Unlike on international routes or on Express Intercity Premium trains, reserving a seat on most Rzeszow to Krakow trains isn’t mandatory. That means you will still be able to buy tickets during the busiest times, but you might not get a seat. It’s not the end of the world when you have to stand in a corridor for one and a half hours, but the comfort of the journey is not comparable to when you get a seat. We’d recommend making sure that you’re getting a reserved seat with your fare.

Rzeszow to Krakow by bus

Bridge in Rzeszow

Time: 2h+

Cost: From 8 PLN

Comfort: 4/5

Although trains from Rzeszow to Krakow are usually inexpensive, your cheapest option to travel on this route is by bus. You can find coaches for as little as eight zlotys, even if you don’t book your trip well in advance. That’s because there are loads of buses travelling between the city daily, so the prices never really go much above 30 zl.

The buses from the capital of Subcarpathia region to Krakow usually take around 2 and a half hours but you can also find some that only take two hours flat. The two best companies on this route are Flixbus and Neobus. Both usually have double-decker coaches and relatively comfortable seats. You can buy their tickets online, but Neobus also offers seats purchased from the driver. That might not work, though, when you travel during the busiest times such as before or after Christmas.

Rzeszow to Krakow by car

Time: Under 2h

Comfort: 4/5

The distance between Rzeszow and Krakow is around 167 km, so if you have a car the drive between these two cities isn’t bad. It takes just under two hours, which means it’s still not as quick as trains, but travelling by car gives you more flexibility.

The fastest and shortest route goes via the motorway A4, which goes across Poland all the way from Germany to Ukraine. You will have to pay around 26 PLN to travel on this road, though. You can avoid these fees by going on a slightly slower road, but this one will usually add around an hour to your journey. That would make the drive closer to three hours, so if time is your priority, we’d recommend the motorway.

It’s also not the most spectacular journey when it comes to views along the way. That’s especially true if you take the motorway, where sound barriers block the views most of the way. There are plenty of petrol stations and services along the way, so you don’t need to worry about filling your tank in advance.

How much are cheap trains between Rzeszów and Kraków?

The cheapest trains between Rzeszow and Krakow cost around 25 PLN for a full-price ticket. That means that if you’re a student or a school child, you will pay as little as 12.50 PLN for your journey. The easiest way to find the lowest fare seats is to book your trip in advance online.

What is the cheapest way to get from Rzeszów to Kraków?

Buses are usually the cheapest way to get from Rzeszow to Krakow. You can find full-price tickets with NEOBUS for as little as 8 PLN one way. University and school students get a reduced rate too.

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