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The Ultimate Guide on Getting from Krakow to Stockholm 

Are you trying to get from Krakow to Stockholm? Check this guide, which includes all possible ways to travel between the cities.

Are you trying to get from Krakow to Stockholm? You’ve come to the right place. We’ll give you insights on the best ways to travel from the former residence of Polish monarchs to the bustling Swedish capital, whether you want to travel by air, sea, or overland.

This guide on getting from Krakow to Stockholm will give you in-depth info on how to travel between the cities, what costs to expect and how long the journeys are. We’ll give you tips on where to book your tickets and what comfort level you should expect. So, let’s take a closer look at how to travel from Krakow to Stockholm.

What’s in this guide to Krakow to Stockholm

Krakow to Stockholm by plane

Plane Krakow to Stockholm

Time: 1h55m – 2h

Cost: From 49 PLN (€11)

Comfort: 5/5

Airlines: Ryanair & Norwegian & Wizz Air

Flying is not only the quickest but also by the easiest way to get from Krakow to Stockholm. Choosing an airport on the Polish side is easy – Krakow has only one airport. However, things might seem a little more complicated regarding the Swedish capital, which has four airports in its surroundings. Luckily, only two have direct flights from Krakow. However, it’s wise to always check where you’re flying to when booking a transfer to the city.

Stockholm Arlanda (ARN)

Stockholm Arlanda is not only the largest of the four airports the Swedish capital has but also the biggest in the whole country. It’s also where you’re most likely to arrive – Ryanair and Norwegian land there from Krakow.

There are daily flights with Ryanair between the cities, with prices starting at 49 PLN. The journey is two hours long. When it comes to Norwegian, they only fly twice a week in the low season but increase their flights to four during the high season starting in late March. You can book these from 69 PLN.

The good news is that Arlanda is also the easiest airport to reach from the city. The bad news is, though, that you can expect to pay Swedish prices for the transfer. You might actually end up paying more for the transfer to the city than the flight alone. Arlanda Express, which only takes 18 minutes to reach the centre, costs 399 SEK per person. That’s around 175 PLN! Luckily, you can reduce the cost by booking a return or a group ticket (even if there are only two of you). You can also get a cheaper bus, which takes 45 and costs 119 SEK (51 PLN).

Stockholm Skavsta (NYO)

If you choose to fly with Wizz Air from Krakow to Stockholm, your flight will land at Skavsta airport. It’s much further from the city centre than Arlanda is. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that then that it takes longer to get there. There are no direct trains connecting the airport to the city, so if you’re not renting a car, you will need to take a bus. It takes around 1 hour and 20 minutes and costs at least 219 SEK (95 PLN).

Wizz Air flies from Krakow to Stockholm three times a week and the flight takes 1h55m. The prices start from around 99 PLN, but that’s if you travel light. If you want larger baggage you will need to pay extra.

Krakow to Stockholm by train

Stockholm station

Time: 24h

Cost: From €82.80

Comfort: 4/5

It might not be the most popular way to travel from Krakow to Stockholm but it’s possible to travel by train between these two European cities within 24 hours. Well, just on a mark. There are no direct options, but you can reach the Swedish capital by changing trains only twice (in Germany).

You should start by taking a direct train from Krakow, which leaves at 9.55 am and arrives in Berlin at 5.16 pm. That gives you enough time to change for a train to Hamburg-Altona, which leaves at 5.38 pm and arrives at 7.40 pm. You will have plenty of time to catch the night train that leaves from Altona station at 9.50 pm and arrives in Stockholm the next day at 9.55 am. That’s exactly 24 hours after you leave Krakow.

The prices for the Krakow – Hamburg leg start at €37.90 and Hamburg – Stockholm at €44.90 (however we’d recommend going for a couchette rather than a seat, which starts at €69.90). These are promotional rates that will surely go up closer to the date, so make sure to book your tickets as soon as you can. You buy all tickets at the DB website, however, you can’t buy the tickets for the Polish trains earlier than 60 days before departure.

Krakow to Stockholm by ferry

Is it possible to reach Stockholm from Krakow by ferry? It shouldn’t surprise you that the answer is no because Krakow is nowhere near the coast. However, you can cross the Baltic to Sweden if you travel to Gdansk first. You can do it either by train, bus, or plane.

There is a direct ferry from Gdansk to Nynashamn, a port city less than 60 kilometres south of central Stockholm. You can reach the Swedish capital from there by bus or train.

Krakow to Stockholm by bus

Stockholm Gamla Stan

Time: 31h25m+

Cost: From €91.98

Comfort: 1/5

You can also travel from Krakow to Stockholm on a bus, but at the time of writing, there are no direct connections on this route. There is a good reason for that – it’s a long journey! However, you can reach the Swedish capital with Flixbus if you change at either Prague or Berlin.

We’d say, it’s not the best idea, though, because it’s neither the most comfortable nor the cheapest way to travel. The journey takes around a day and a half, which is more than most people can handle on a coach. Plus, you can usually find much cheaper flights, so there is not much point in getting a bus.  

Krakow to Stockholm by car

Time: 17h30m+

Comfort: 3/5

Yes, you can drive from Krakow to Stockholm but it’s never going to be a short and easy journey. If you want to avoid taking ferries, which could add around €70 or more to your trip, the drive will be even longer.

So, the quickest way is to drive from Krakow towards Szczecin via A4 and S3 roads. Then you should switch to A6, which will take you across the border into Germany. There, you should follow motorway 11 and change onto motorway 20 before turning onto E251 to Sassnitz, where you can catch a ferry to Ystad in Sweden (2h15m).

We recommend making Ystad one of your stops because it’s a beautiful, colourful town. From there, you still have over seven hours of driving before you reach Stockholm. The whole journey takes at least 17h30m, so it’s a long and exhausting drive. However, if you choose to avoid ferries and drive through Denmark, you need to add another 3-4 hours of driving.

Is there a train from Poland to Sweden?

There are no direct trains from Poland to Sweden, so you will always have to change to reach this part of Scandinavia by rail. There are now direct overnight trains from Hamburg to Stockholm, where you can get from Poland by changing trains in Berlin.

Is there a high-speed train from Copenhagen to Stockholm?

There is a high-speed direct train from Copenhagen to Stockholm, which travels at speeds up to 200km/h. The train is known as X2000 and takes around 5h15m to reach the Swedish capital. Prices start at 254 Swedish Krona but can go up significantly if you don’t book your tickets in advance.

How long is the train journey from Krakow to Warsaw?

The fastest trains from Krakow to Warsaw take 2h12m. That’s if you take a high-speed Pendolino train, which costs up to 169 PLN. You can get promotional tickets if you book your seats in advance. There are also cheaper but slightly slower trains, which take between 2h40m and over 3h.  

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