Krakow in November

The Ultimate Guide to Krakow in November

Check this ultimate guide to Krakow in November, which includes info about the weather, things to do and more...

Krakow in November is fantastic if you’re not scared of the cold. There are fewer crowds on the main square, and things are cheaper than during the busy summer months. You’ll see some early signs of Christmas preparations, and you might get a chance of snow. Even though November is far from peak season, it’s actually one of the cosiest months of the year in Krakow.  

This guide to Krakow in November will take a look at the ins and outs of travelling to the city during the final month of autumn. We’ll list some of the best things to do in Krakow in November and talk you through the weather patterns during this time of the year. There are also tips on what to wear and where to stay. So, read on.

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What’s in this guide to Krakow in November?

The weather in Krakow in November

Weather in Krakow in November

We’re not going to lie, it can get pretty cold in Krakow in November. That’s when you’ll notice the transition from autumn to winter, so you actually might get a bit of both worlds. Most trees will have lost their leaves, but you might still notice some golden reflections here and there. There are chances of snowfall and freezing temperatures, but you also might get some warm sunny days. It’s not easy to predict. Typically, though, November in Krakow is pretty gloomy and chilly. Sadly, you’re actually more likely to experience rain than snow.

The average temperature in Krakow during November is around 4 C (39.2 F), so it’s wise to bring some warm clothes with you. It gets colder and colder as the month goes on too. It’s not uncommon for the mark to drop below zero just before December kicks in. That’s especially true at night.

The lowest November temperature in Krakow was recorded in 2007 when it dropped to -13.4 C (7.9 F), but the highest was in 2018 when it reached 21.9 C (71.4 F). The spectrum might seem broad, but it usually oscillates between around 7 C (44.6 F) at the beginning of the month and 0 C (32 F) towards the end.

What to wear in Krakow in November?

Although it’s not a given, it’s usually pretty cold in November in Krakow, especially if you visit the city towards the end of the month. That means it’s worth bringing those woolly jumpers and bobble hats along to keep warm while exploring the old town on the chilly afternoons. Thermal underlayers might come in handy too. 

You should also bring some solid footwear that will withstand rainy and snowy weather, so don’t shy away from packing your boots. We’d also strongly recommend packing some waterproofs, especially if you have some Zakopane hiking in mind. Ah, but don’t leave your sunnies behind! You might be lucky to get some sunshine too.

Top things to do in Krakow in November

Zakopane in November

There is no such thing as a low season in Krakow because you’re never guaranteed sunshine as in some southern European destinations. That said, there is certainly a peak tourist season, and November is far from that. The good news is that there will be fewer people and better prices. The bad news is that it might be cold, though. Yup, you won’t see the crowds soaking up the sun on the Vistula River boulevards, but there is still lots to do in the city in November.

Join a walking tour

It might be wet and chilly, but it doesn’t mean that walking tours around the city stop for the colder season. In fact, November is a great time to join one of the guided trips around Krakow if you want to avoid the crowds. You’ll get a chance to ask all the questions that pop into your head, so don’t be shy. . Just make sure to dress well for the weather!

Krakow Christmas Market

November might not exactly be the month of Christmas, but that’s when you’ll start seeing beautiful decorations around the city. Especially if you visit the city in the last week of the month. That’s when the Krakow Christmas Market opens its stalls in the heart of the old town. It might not feel as festive yet, but there will also be fewer people than closer to the holidays. 

Visit Zakopane

November is also a great time to visit Zakopane, the mountain capital of Poland. The rugged peaks above the town should have a thick layer of snow, and cosy taverns will have their fires on to keep you warm. Upi won’t get a chance to sample the ski season yet, but the town will be less busy than in December, January, or February.

It’s also a good time to go hiking in the Tatra National Park. There might not be a way through the higher trails without having the appropriate experience and equipment, but the lower routes shouldn’t be snowed under yet. Hiking paths are less busy than usual, but the views of the mountains above are fantastic. However, that’s if the weather allows you to see the peaks. 


Krakow is a bustling city all year round, so those cold evenings shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the nightlife. The students are back in town after the summer break, so you’ll notice that places will be busy even during weekdays. Krakow never sleeps too, so don’t feel bad if you make it back to your hotel after the first morning light!

You won’t be able to enjoy the beer gardens anymore, but there is no shortage of great indoor venues to make up for it. From hipster beer joints to underground techno clubs and from cheap drinking spots to Latino clubs, there are oodles of spots to party around the city. Ah, and if you want to meet some fellow travellers, why not join the Krawl Through Krakow?

Where to stay in Krakow in November?

There is no shortage of places to stay in Krakow that will keep you warm during the chilly November evenings. From five-star luxury pads to cosy rooms with vistas over the old town, you’re spoilt with the choice of hotels suitable for this gloomy part of the year. Here’s our pick…

  • Hotel Copernicus – If you’re not on a tight budget, why not treat yourself to one of the most luxurious spots in town? Hotel Copernicus is a five-star, historical hotel with beautifully decorated rooms and marble bathrooms. There’s a rooftop bar overlooking the Wawel Castle and an indoor swimming pool and spa. It might be on the pricy side, but it’s well worth the money. 
  • PURO Kraków Kazimierz – This is one of the slickest hotels in Kazimierz! The rooms are stylish and modern – a perfect match to the boho character of this hipster district. There’s a beautiful spa, a gym and a lovely café on the bottom floor. 
  • MR67 Mayera Rapaporta – This place is in a perfect location if you want to be close to both old town and Kazimierz, it’s just a short stroll away from the Wawel Castle too. The rooms are stylish and comfortable, and some come with balconies overlooking the city. It’s not badly priced, either. 

Downsides to travelling to Krakow in November

Krakow main square

The most obvious downside to travelling to Krakow in November is the weather. It’s pretty cold and gloomy during late autumn, so you will always have to pack some extra layers. The chances of sunshine are also much slimmer than during the earlier months of the season, so you might have to spend a lot more time indoors than you might like. Days are also much shorter than in the summer months.

You might also notice higher levels of pollution because Krakow really struggles with it during the colder months of the year. The reason for that is coal heating that many Poles use to warm up their houses. The practice is not legal within the city, but Krakow gets a lot of bad air from neighbouring villages.

Is November a good time to visit Krakow?

November is a fantastic time to visit Krakow if you want to avoid the crowds and score some bargains on accommodation. This city never shuts down, so you’re never in danger of running out of things to do. It gets pretty cold, though, so make sure to pack some extra layers.  

Will there be snow in Krakow in November?

There might be. The chances of having those beautiful snowy days in November in Krakow are pretty slim, but late autumn usually sees at least a couple of days of snowfall each year. It’s more likely towards the end of the month when sub-zero temperatures become more common.

Is Poland nice in November?

November isn’t the best time to visit Poland in terms of weather, but that doesn’t mean it’s not the right time to visit. You should still see glimpses of beautiful golden leaves at the beginning of the month, and towards the end, you might see some snowfall. It’s a great time to visit Zakopane, where the Tatra mountains should have a thick white layer on top.

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