Whether you’re after a seitan patty or a mushroom stir fry, a bout of Indian-inspired bhajis or some Slavic soups with a meatless flavour punch, you can rest assured that this list of the top vegetarian restaurants in Krakow will have something to settle the appetite. Enjoy…

Vegetarian restaurants in Krakow

Krowarzywa, Krakow | © Live KrakowThis all-new, 100% vegan burger joint has taken the city by storm since setting up shop in late 2015. From tofu patties to seitan buns (you’ll have to get in early to nail one of these as they run out fast), the menu covers all the top choices when it comes to meatless burgers. Add to that a medley of vegan-friendly cheese, awesome sauces (try the spicy tomato one if you’re in for a lil’ kick!), a range of homemade lemonades and some uber-healthy smoothies, not to mention a stripped-down, no-frills interior overlooking the cobbled streets of the Old Town, and you’ve got yourself one hefty burger joint no doubt.

Sławkowska 8, +48 531 777 136

Pod Norenami

Rarely has a vegetarian restaurant been as innovative as the Asian kitchen at Pod Norenami, located on the edge of the hip and upcoming Krupnicza Street. Granted the menu is a baby War and Peace, with more options than you can shake a steamy Vietnamese pho soup at, but there’s no denying that the food is top-quality. Check out the sizzling black bean and chicken stir fries, the range of curious Chinese teas, the all-new Indian thali platters, and the mock-up seitan beef and pork dishes – they’re enough to convince even the most dedicated meat eater!

Krupnicza 6, +48 661 219 289

Vegetarian restaurants in Krakow

Vegetarian food | © Live Krakow

Glonojad Vegetarian Bar

Glonojad Vegetarian Bar has been a staple of the Krakow vegetarian scene for some time now. Its central location (just on the edge of plac Matejki) draws regular crowds, both local, traveling and student, while the menu fuses flavours of the Orient with Rajasthani bhajis and Middle Eastern flavours. Expect eggplant stews, falafel tortillas and a whole host of colourful smoothies and juices that just ooze healthiness. And to balance it out: beer and wines – organic, of course! Be sure to ask if you want a meal made vegan here.

plac Jana Matejki 2, +48 12 346 16 77

Nova Krova Organic Burger

The second out-and-out vegan burger place to make this list of the top vegetarian restaurants in Krakow is an unassuming little spot on the edge of Kazimierz’s plac Wolnica. Suitably boho in its ways, the low-key eatery comes complete with scrawled graffiti on the walls and a simple, monochrome décor. The menu touts seitan and bean burgers alongside a medley of other interesting mains, like noodles in sauce, meat-free chili and a range of soups and starters that change on a regular basis. There are also enticing cakes for dessert, while the location close to the Vistula riverbanks makes Nova Krova a fine pit-stop for a picnic in the summer months.

plac Wolnica 12, +48 530 305 304

Bar Wegański

The chipboard tables and half-recycled interior decorations of this vegan bar close to the bustling main road of Dietla are perhaps the perfect introduction to the earthy and simple food philosophy employed within. Organic flavours abound, with everything from vegan sushi to meatless burgers issuing forth from the open kitchen. Soy is apotheosised, while cakes entice with their carrot-infused sponges and pomegranate tops. Oh, and then there’s the small patio garden – great for having a veggie bite during the warmer months of the year! Mhmm, this one’s definitely one of the top vegetarian restaurants in Krakow.

Starowiślna 28, +48 880 822 422

If you think we’ve missed out any of the top vegetarian restaurants in Krakow, then be sure to leave your suggestions in the comments below -we’d love to hear them!