So you’re seeking out vegan Krakow? Good shout. There are more and more creative, meat- and dairy-free eateries in the city every year!

Don’t settle for walking around Krakow with a rumbling tummy. Those looking for hearty, homely can munch on pierogi or żurek. Those after a quick grab-and-go might be happy with a zapiekanki bread. But what’s on the menu for vegans?

Luckily, vegan Krakow is very much alive and kicking. Whether you’re after smashed avo on toast, some Middle Eastern mezze, Indian bahjis, you can rest assured there’s something that will tickle the taste buds…

Most restaurants in Krakow will have some options for those on a plant-based diet. However, this list focuses on the establishments where you won’t have to double check the ingredients list. They are either majority vegan-veggie or totally vegan; Krakow’s green and eco eateries – if you will…

Vegano Café

Owned by two young, Krakow-born brothers, Vegano Café is a new addition to Krakow’s famous café scene. It’s also the only 100 per cent vegan café in the city. A small, stylishly decorated place tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the Main Square, it’s close to the main artery of Karmelicka. The menu? From fresh and yummy ciabattas filled with plant-based treats, through colourful salads to delicious vegan cakes, Vegano Café has treats for lunch and breakfast. And let’s not forget that they also serve high-quality coffee with plant-based milk exclusively.

Henryka Siemiradzkiego 25, +48 730 574 243


Our guide to vegan Krakow wouldn’t be complete without Vegab. Since opening a couple of years ago, this fast-food joint has revolutionized Krakow’s vegan market. Their speciality is kebab with tasty vegan “meat” chunks. Be aware that the portions are huge, so unless you’re uber-hungry, think twice about going maxi! You can save yourself some cash if you go for one of their sets. We loved their fat-free Belgian fries and veggie hot-dogs. You’ll find the spot on the bustling Starowiślna Street.

Starowiślna 8, +48 889 113 373

Mazaya falafel

Mazaya is a unique place on the vegetarian-vegan map of Kraków. Although not touting a 100% vegan menu, you’ll find plenty of delicious plant-based dishses. For a start the falafel is surely one of the best in the city. Expect crunchy on the outside; gooey in the middle. We recently ordered a whole mezze set from Mazaya and were amazed what we got for our money. For under 50 PLN there were plates of mint-tomato salads, hummus, tahini, wraps – you name it.

Grzegórzecka 40, +48 731 337 565


Hummus Amamamusi

If you’re looking for the best hummus in Krakow, this one’s a must-taste pitstop. We might be biased, but Amamamusi’s Hummus is absolutely delicious! It’s a small ambient place where you can sit and have a chat with owners while filling up with tasty variations of hummus or buy some treats to take away. Although hummus is what this place is all about, it’s not the only item on their menu. They also have some soups, pita breads and fresh coffee.

Beera Meiselsa 4, +48 533 306 288

Vege To Tu

In the last couple of years, Krakow has been filling up with loads of food trucks of all stripes and cuisines. One of them is a 100% plant-based Vege To Tu, located in the heart of Kazimierz. From hummus to falafel, their veg-filled crispy wraps are tasty and fresh. They also have a restaurant on Zwierzyniecka Street, but we’ve yet to sample it (let us know if you do!)

Zwierzyniecka 8, +48 511 010 122


A stylish restaurant located in the heart of a vibrant, hip area of Krakow, Veganic is a perfect option for dinner or lunch for those on a plant-based diet. Their menu is 100 per cent meat and fish free but does contain some dairy-based meals. From vegan żurek, smoked tempeh, to jackfruit burger, their di menu is full of nicely presented dishes for both vegans and vegetarians.

Dolnych Młynów 10, +48 668 468 469


Fancy a burger? Krowarzywa has a wide range of them, all of which are vegan. From tofu and seitan to chickpea patty, you can pick your base and add-ons to create your favourite bun. They also have vegan cheese and mayo! A quirk: The food is served on edible plates. Oh and you can opt for a wrap or bowl if you’re skipping the bread to boot.

Sławkowska 8, +48 531 777 136

Hamsa vegan plate


Although not a fully vegan or even vegetarian restaurant, Hamsa is so tasty that we decided to give it a place in our guide to vegan Krakow. It’s another Middle Eastern eatery with lots of tasty plant-based mezzes to choose from. From muhammara (a lovely walnut-pepper dip) to babaganoush and falafel, you can pick a mix-and-match set together with middle eastern bread, olives and veggies. All vegan dishes are labelled on the menu.

Szeroka 2, +48 515 150 145

Pod Norenami

It might not be the cheapest, but Pod Norenami‘s vast menu has plenty of dishes to satisfy most pant-based folks. From Thai to Japanese, there is a mix of cuisines from across the Asian continent. Tasty varieties of veggie make-believe “meat” served with rice, Thai curry or sushi – you will find it all there. If not originally vegan, most dishes can be made dairy-free on request. Just ask.

Krupnicza 6, +48 661 219 289

Hariprasad Samosa & Curry

Hariprasad is a cute, compact vegan restaurant on Dietla that serves Indian food. From delicious samosas to chapati with dahl, there’s all the usual suspects of the subcontinent. Oh, and it’s great value! Come here for lunch or a quick snack, and try their samosas that cost as little as 6 PLN (£1.20)!

Dietla 45 pasaż, +48 735 009 885

If you think we’ve missed anything in our guide to vegan Krakow, then be sure to leave your suggestions in the comments below – we’d love to hear them!