Neapolitan pizza in Krakow

The Top 4 Neapolitan Pizza in Krakow

We take a look at the top places to eat lovely Neapolitan pizza in Krakow, from cool Kazi to the edges of the Old Town. Authentic DOP dishes only please!

Forget the usual Chicago deep pans and crispy Romana bases, it’s the output of Naples that’s all the rage these days. Neapolitan pizza in Krakow has been on the rise in the last couple of years. Places offering cushiony dough and fresh mozzarella, tasty passata courtesy of Campania, and leaves of basil to taste, are now dotting the city. Cue this guide, which seeks them all out so you don’t have to. Researching this guide was a chore, I tell you!

Ti Amo Ti

Ti Amo Ti Krakow

There’s nowhere more welcoming and homey for Neapolitan pizza in Krakow than Ti Amo Ti. Patrons who make their way through the small alley off Karmelicka Street are greeted with huge, blown-up panoramas of Naples and Vesuvius.

Upstairs, the tables are dressed in trademark Italian red-and-white check. What’s more, you’ll need to walk past a roaring wood-fire oven to get there. Glance over to see the maestro rollers at work, slapping pizza dough and dousing out passata. Wine is cheap.

Karmelicka 10, 33-332 Kraków, +48 12 430 61 98


Nolio Krakow

Nolio’s been going for a good few years now. Still, it’s fair to say it totally changed the game when it came to Neapolitan pizza in Krakow…

The tiny little entrance porch is typically packed with hopeful diners waiting for a table in the early evenings and on weekends (just be sure to make a reservation if you want to avoid disappointment). It’s hard to blame those in the queue!

The pizzas are the perfect balance of fresh tomato passata and cooked buffalo mozzarella. The standard DOP margarita comes topped with leaves of garden-green basil. Diverting from the Neapolitan tradition, Nolio also offers a range of pizzas with different toppings, complete with salty meat and grilled aubergine for the veggies.

An outdoor area adds charm for the summer months. Seats in the downstairs basement areas are perfect for cold winter nights in the city.

Krakowska 27, 31-062 Kraków, +48 12 346 24 49

Pizzeria 00

Nolio Neapolitan pizza

Made in a similar vein to Nolio (see above), Podgorze’s Pizzareia 00 is a stripped-down hipster pizza joint that’s got a lively kitchen staff of vocal Italian-Polish chefs. They crowd around one huge dedicated real-fire oven that’s tailor-made for the creation of that perfect southern dough.

The walls are dressed in whitewashed metro tiles and the interiors are stylishly understated. Meanwhile, the menus have a range of pasta and coffee, along with oodles of craft beers from the continent. This is also a top choice for nipping in for a takeaway if you’re staying on the south side of the Vistula River.

Kalwaryjska 32, 30-001 Kraków, +48 734 741 474

En Plato

En Plato is closed as of winter 2020 – apparently a new location is in the works! Watch this space.

Okay, so you might need to venture out of the city centre and to the suburban village of Wegrzce for En Plato (it’s about 20 minutes on the bus), but boy is it worth it! Cushiony dough and juicy buffalo mozzarella is just the start of the story, because the kitchen also has an official DOC cert for the creation of bona fide Neapolitan pies, and countless accolades for maestro pizza making. The joint itself is small and cosy, boasting a local vibe that’s away from the major tourist spots.

Warszawska 170, 32-087 Bibice, Krakow, +48 517 554 256


N’Pizza popped up in a new-build on the corner of Rajska Street around the end of 2018. Locals were glad to see that the sign and design looked suspiciously similar to that of Nolio (see above). Suddenly: What do you know? There’s bouncy dough and buffalo mozzarella aplenty.

The vibe here is noticeably casual and relaxed. There are long sharing tables. There’s an open kitchen where flour and hands fly this way and that. Some have called this one the single best Neapolitan Pizza in Krakow as of 2020. Drop in to check if you agree. (Either way, the bars of vibrant Tytano are just over the corner)

If you can think of any more places with great Neapolitan pizza in Krakow, we’d love to hear about them in the comments below! Also be sure to check back here regularly for updates on where the most coveted Italian dish can be found in south Poland…

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