Krakow street food

The Ultimate Guide to Krakow Street Food

Check our ultimate guide to Krakow street food, which includes the seven best spots the city has to offer.

Krakow street food is great fun. There are oodles of hipster food courts and food truck squares, but also a couple of iconic spots that have been going for years. You’ll get to taste an array of dishes from different cuisines. From spicy curries to flavorsome burritos, from Neapolitan pizzas to burgers and Polish pierogi on top, you are spoilt for a choice of street food options in this bustling city.

This guide to Krakow street food outlines the seven best spots in town. You’ll find spots in the popular Jewish district in the old town and on the riverbanks. The trend for this sort of cooking has been booming in Krakow, so read this guide to find out where to go.

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The best spots for Krakow street food

Zapiekanki Plac Nowy

Krakow zapiekanki Plac Nowy

Zapiekanki from a circular building (known locally as okraglak) in the centre of Plac Nowy is probably the most iconic street food spot in Krakow. You might be wondering what exactly zapiekanki are, though. They’re half slices of baguette or other long bread rolls, toasted with cheese, sauteed mushrooms and other toppings of your choice. It’s a sort of long and narrow Polish version of fast-food pizza, topped with condiments such as ketchup, mayo, or mustard. It became popular during the communist times in the 1970s.

Zapiekanki is something that Polish millennials know as a snack from their childhood holidays by the sea or a quick bite after school. Although it’s not a Krakowian invention, the Plac Nowy circular building has become a place to go to try these yummy goodies. So, yes, if you want to see what the buzz is all about, we’d recommend trying it yourself. They only cost a couple of zlotys, so it’s not a biggie if it’s not your cup of tea.

Some people say it really matters which stall you choose for the best zapiekanki, but we think they all taste pretty much the same. There is often a long queue for the most popular ones, such as Endzior. However, to be completely honest, we don’t think it’s worth waiting, so go for whichever is available.

Kielbaski Pod Hala Targowa

Kielbaski from Hala Targowa is another iconic spot on the map of Krakow street food. What are kielbaski? They’re simply grilled sausages served with a bread bun. They’re sold from a blue, run-down Polish van (Nysa) on Grzegorzecka street, every night of the week apart from Sunday. Yup, you read it correctly – you can only get these at night. They open from 8 pm and often serve their delicious sausages until as late as 3 am.

So, what’s so special about this place besides the fact you can go there for a naughty midnight snack? Their sausages are simple but delicious. It’s one of those unpretentious meals and a traditional Polish snack. You will also get to experience the typical Polish customer service (or lack of it) at its best. So, head there on a Friday night if you don’t mind waiting in the queue. Sorry veggies, this one isn’t for you.   

Hala Forum

Forum Krakow

When it comes to the best summer Krakow street food spots, Hala Forum is hard to beat. It’s became one of the hottest venues in the city over the past couple of years. What was once a prosperous and innovative hotel in a prime location on the banks of the Vistula River became an abandoned building. An ugly building. Luckily, this massive structure has found its new use as an indoor and outdoor resto bar and club, and the newest addition to this fun venue has been a food court.

Food stalls at Hala Forum are located on the east side of the building on the ground floor and in the basement. You will find things from delicious Neapolitan pizzas to colourful curries, from burgers to yummy tapas and Polish delicacies on top. There are spots for cold drinks and artisan coffee, everything you need in one place.

The main selling point is the location, though! In the summer, rows of deckchairs are laid on the banks of Vistula River. They’re around 20 minutes from the heart of Kazimierz in one direction and the main square in the other. On colder days, you can take a seat indoors. The interior is a mix of modern and industrial chic.

Hala Lipowa

We’ve covered two of the most iconic Krakow street food spots, so now it’s time for something more modern, which brings us to Hala Lipowa. It’s a relatively new addition to the upcoming district of Zablocie. It’s a cool industrial hall with a couple of small fast-food stalls and a craft beer bar. There are plenty of seats inside and outside, so bad weather isn’t a problem.

You can expect a range of different cuisines, from aromatic oriental flavours to spicy Mexican treats and more. This place is perfect if you and your friends want to try different things. Plus, they have a selection of at least 20 different craft beers on tap. The whole place is well organized, with an ordering system. You can either get your order in person or online. You will get a buzzer that will notify you as soon as your food is ready.

Judah Food Market

Judah Food Market

There are also a couple of street food spots in Kazimierz itself, and Judah Food Market is one of them. It’s a relatively small space with a couple of food trucks on Wawrzynca street. Like other places of this nature in Krakow, you can order your food from any of the stalls and either take it away or eat at one of the outdoor tables on the site. Judah is not as weatherproof as some of the other food courts in the city, though.

There are about six or seven different stalls that include things like Belgian fries, baked potato with toppings, tempura, hot dogs, dumplings and burgers. There is no shortage of vegan and veggie options too. For afters, you can get a Hungarian sweet delicacy, a chimney cake. There is also a good café on site.


If you’re looking for a quick bite while in the old town, Mural has you covered. It’s yet another example of an interesting Krakow street food park, but this one is on Krupnicza street, close to Teatr Bagatela. It’s quite a compact space, but there is no shortage of great food options. From spicy burritos to flavoursome Indian treats and yummy burgers on top, it’s well worth a stop. The food here is cheap and tasty.

Like most places of this nature, you can grab a bite to take away or have it in their courtyard. It’s a small space, though, so it might be hard to find a seat in the summer. They have a couple outdoors and some spots in the covered area. They stick on the heaters on colder days.

Plac Izaaka Food Truck Market

Plac Izaaka street food Krakow

The final spot on the list of Krakow street food is Plac Izaaka Food Truck Market. It’s a small courtyard in the heart of Kazimierz, on the corner of Jakuba and Ciena streets. It’s just a stone’s throw away from Plac Nowy. It’s one of the first spots of this kind in the Jewish district and one of the pioneers of the now super popular food truck park idea.

Plac Izaaka is all outdoors, but there are a couple of umbrellas over the tables in case of rain. Like most other food truck parks, this one has a range of options offering quick bites from different cuisines. You will find things like delicious burgers, cheesy quesadillas, spicy burritos, and hot dogs but also healthy acai bowls, and vegan wraps if you’re looking for something less fast foody. There you will also get to taste polish meatballs and pierogi.

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