Indian restaurants in Krakow

The 7 best Indian Restaurants in Krakow

Check out this guide to the best Indian restaurants in Krakow, which hops from underground curry kitchens in the suburbs to easy-access spots for your fix of korma in the Old Town.

When those endless plates of Polish dumplings and sour Slavic soups get just a little too much, there’s a whole stack of Indian restaurants in Krakow that can come to the rescue.

They’ll let you swap the potatoes and carbs of Central Europe for a tongue-sizzling sampling of the east. They tout spice-packed curries and pakoras, and can be found in some seriously stunning corners of the city.

What’s more, there are oodles to pick from – Indian food in Krakow was once a rarity. These days, there are places to delve into the taste bud-tingling cuisine of Rajasthan and Kerala all over town, whether you’re based in boho Kazimierz or the UNESCO-tagged Market Square.

Let’s begin…

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What are the best Indian restaurants in Krakow?


Indian restaurants in Krakow

A hot (sometimes literally with the penchant for capsicum here) tip from the locals of the Stary Podgorze neighborhood on Krakow’s south side, Zayka is run by two tech-mad expats who champion the traditional biryani.

They are seriously big authentic culinary techniques from the sub-continent. And that comes through on the menu. It’s a medley that ranges from mutton stews topped with poppy seeds and cashew pastes to fenugreek-infused sauces packed with chicken or paneer cottage cheese.

The setting is in a multi-roomed basement close to the Vistula River. No booze is sold. However, there’s a darn tasty medley of lassis and jeera sodas to accompany your meal.

Taste of India

Duck into Taste of India from the busy dual carriageway of Dietla Street and you’ll be greeted with walls that are strewn with floor-to-ceiling shots of the Taj Mahal. That gazes down along with a series of tables where candles flicker under steaming metal pots of vindaloo and masala.

In many ways, Taste of India is a mirror of the classic Anglo-Indian sit-in eatery. It touts a menu that’s got all the classics: chicken tikka, soupy dals, and excellent nan breads.

Since opening its doors a couple of years ago, Taste has been whispered by many to be the very best Indian restaurant in Krakow – mainly on account of their willingness to pile on the chili if you ask for it!

Delhi Curry House Indian Restaurant

a creamy curry

An Old Town regular that’s got a fine location a few minutes walk from the Main Square, Delhi Curry House Indian Restaurant does all the usual take-out curries and staples. The specialties are probably the baltis, but the tried-and-tested likes of Jalfrezi and chicken malai also make an appearance for some variation. What we think stands out here is the setting. There are a couple of tables outside that are downright lovely on a summer’s afternoon. But there’s also a cozy basement section that we think comes into its own midwinter.


India Masala

Perhaps more than anything, India Masala deserves a mention because of its prime location. We simply love sitting here on a balmy summer’s evening and watching folk walk by on Maly Rynek. The outdoor tables are excellent, and even have a view over the iconic St Mary’s Basilica on the nearby Market Square.

That’s not to knock the food though. Not a chance. The dishes here are a hit of cumin, ginger, fenugreek, and capsicum that follows the hearty curry-house model. That means big portions and classic names on the menu, from tandoor tikka masala to spinach-filled palak to butter chicken and more. And if you’re not into eating? Perhaps just settle with a beer and that view (did we mention it’s awesome!)…

Curry Up!

Let’s get one thing straight – quick, on-the-go curries simply do not get any better than this staple of Kazimierz. It’s up there with the best Indian restaurants in Krakow and it’s only a casual takeaway drop-in.

The menu is simple and short, with just a few hand-cooked curries – think chickpea stews, dals, butter chicken, and onion bhajis. The chef is a local Pole but is mad for the flavors of the Far East. There are great veggie options and even mango lassis on offer, along with condiments like fresh coriander and mango chutney to top the whole lot off.

We recommend grabbing your bite and heading opposite to devour it on the cobbled square of Plac Wolnica. It’s certainly one of the best-loved grab-and-go Indian restaurants in the country.

Bhajan Café

If you’re after a cutting-edge but casual place to eat an Indian-inspired lunch in Krakow, Bhajan Café is probably spot on. It sits neatly between the Wawel Castle and the Kazimierz district (prime sightseeing territory). Inside, it has a cosy interior that’s all breezy seating areas with potted plants and boho wall art.

The menu is vegan and vegetarian, inspired by the cooking heritage of the Indian Ayurveda. The result is a mix of paneer curries (from spicy madras to soft and yoghurt-filled shahi), pakoras, chana dals and gobis.

Oh, and for dessert? Homemade cakes and sweets run amok in this establishment. Just be sure to leave enough room!

Gate of India

Gate of India is actually a pretty new addition to the line up of curry houses in the city. It’s made its name by offering exactly what many drop-in visitors want as they move up the main street from Kazi to the Krakow Castle: A replica of a proper UK curry house with decent prices and all the trimmings.

What’s great here is that they’ll make almost any curry with veg, paneer, or the meat of your choice. They’ll also double check what sort of spice level you’re after and tailor the sauce to those requirements. There’s usually plenty of space inside but this one does lack outdoor areas.

This is just a taster of the great range of Indian restaurants in Krakow that are cooking up a storm. These days, it seems like a new contender is popping up every month, so keep an eye out here for the list to change! What’s more, if you’d like to add any, we’d love to hear about them in the comments below…

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