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The 7 Best Burgers in Krakow

We take a look at the top burgers in Krakow, complete with everything from meat-packed poutines straight out of Canada to veggie options and more.

Krakow’s burger scene has really taken off in recent years. It seems like every month brings a new selection of patty kitchens touting sesame buns and mouthwatering haloumi burgers. So, we thought we’d go a-hunting for the five best burgers in Krakow. Let’s just say it was a darn tasty hunt. This guide runs through all our findings, from the tried-and-tested Old Town fav of Moaburger to the vegan kitchens that offer meat-free alts. Let’s go…

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Where are the best burgers in Krakow?

Moaburger (Old Town)

This Kiwi-owned establishment is arguably the king of all of the burgers in Krakow. Its kitchen cooks up hefty slabs of meat that are truly worthy of the Southern Pacific.

The offering starts with the relatively simple classic burger. That layers gherkin, red onions, tomatoes and in-house mayonnaise. Meanwhile, the fancier Surf&Turf burger includes tiger prawns, and the BBQ burger comes packaged, like a carnivore’s Christmas pressie, in smoky bacon. For the veggies, there’s a choice of either goat’s cheese of fava-bean burgers.

Krowarzywa Vegan Burgers (Old Town & Kazimierz)

We’ll just go right out and say it: There’s no better vegan burger in the whole of Krakow than the one at Krowarzywa Vegan Burgers. These guys have blazed a bit of a trail in the meat-free world of Poland in the last five years and are now established as something of a mainstay. They were – at least we think this is the case – among the first in the country to offer proper alternative proteins like the Beyond Burger and whatnot, so they understandably draw a crowd.

Customers can pick their type of bun and several toppings. Personal faves include the spicy sauce, jalapenos, and a good topping of beansprouts. You can eat inside, but if the sun’s shining we often head for a burger picnic up in the nearby Planty Park.

These days, there are two outlets to check in at. One is on Plac Wolnica in central Kazimierz. The other is just off the Krakow Main Square in the middle of Old Town. You’re looking at about 20-30 PLN for a full meal deal, which includes a side and a drink.

Insider tip: For more vegetarian food options, be sure to check out our guide to the top vegetarian restaurants in Krakow!

Moo Moo Steak & Burger Club (Old Town)

Moo Moo Burger Krakow

The Moo Moo Steak & Burger Club is something of a more upscale joint compared to its packed-patty touting competitors. It’s done out in shimmering metro tiles and tactically placed bottles of red and white wines courtesy of Italy.

The menu works hard to distinguish itself from the usual collection of American buns. For example, there’s a focus on prime meat cuts and steak burgers.

And while it’s true that the stylish interior of polished ceramics keeps this one on the more business end of the scale, there’s still room for those classic BBQ flavours. Just look for the trademark Moo Moo burgers dressed in whopping slices of Camembert – what’s not to love?

Corner Burger (Kazimierz)

It’s monochrome negatives of Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield that greet customers to this quirky Tarantino-inspired joint on the corner of Dajwór, Kazimierz.

That’s fitting: The menu follows up with a range of all-American staples, packed with fresh ingredients and relishes. One example is ‘The Boss’ – a 200-gram beef patty complete with bacon, cheese, mushrooms, pickles and tomatoes. Then there’s ‘Polish Pride’, adding a local twist with its grilled blood sausage. Last but not least is the unique approach to the veggie option – it’s basically a whole wheel of Camembert.

Gruba Buła (Kazimierz)

Burger bun in Krakow

You might easily breeze on by Gruba Buła in Kazimierz without even blinking an eye. The spot is but a shack on the side of the road, midway down Świętego Wawrzyńca street, some 150 meters from the tram stop. They’re worth a pitstop if you’re craving big, beefy burger buns packed with multiple patties, though. The sides are great, too – think chunky chips with smoky BBQ sauce. For veggies, there’s a creamy cheese bun with sweet cranberry. We’d say that Gruba Buła is a top choice if you want somewhere to take out before heading to the riverside for a picnic – that’s about 2 minutes’ walking.

Antler Poutine&Burger (Old Town)

The much-lauded Canadian poutines (chips doused in thick and flavoursome sauces and a heavy grating of cheese) of this Old Town eatery are something special. But the burgers are also truly fantastic!

A twist on the usual American bun, Antler’s offerings come with flat-topped sesame breads, all packed with fresh layers of rocket salad, pickle and onion.

Inside, the décor is tight-knit and easy-going. There’s a black-and-white colour scheme playing off artsy, moose-inspired graffiti. It’s the perfect place to dine before hitting the Old Town sights or joining the pub crawl.

Bobek Burger (Kazimierz)

Bobek Burger has a fine location right on the bend of the Vistula River on the edge of Kazimierz. It’s a top spot for chilling with a long lunch and some people watching in the drier months of the year, though perhaps not so great when it’s cold – it’s really not much more than a food truck with some seating hidden under the trees.

The burgers are pretty darn artisan though. Highlights of the menu include the Goral Burger, which takes smoked cheese and a nod from the nearby Polish highlands around Zakopane, and the Boczek bun, which has sizzled bits of pork on top. There’s nothing for the non-meat-eaters, so best push on to something else if that’s you – there’s a Krowarzywa just up the road on Plac Wolnica.

If you can think of any more burgers in Krakow that simply HAVE to be on this list, we’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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