Bakeries in Krakow

The Best Bakeries in Krakow

The very best bakeries in Krakow ranked. Get ready for sweet cinnamon buns, Polish pretzels and French baguettes that are out of this world.

Perhaps you’re pining for the finest pretzels the city has to offer? Maybe you’re in need of some of Poland’s famous sernik cheesecake? Or is it the tempting prospect of a continental croissant that’s got you going? Well, whatever pastry is a-tingling the taste buds, our list of the five best bakeries in Krakow is sure to sate the appetite…

It’s got plenty, from croissant-churning kitchens that would be right at home in Paris to chain brands that you’ll find all over the town. Our advice? Try to hit them early – as with pretty much everywhere, the bakeries in Krakow can sell out of their best stuff pretty darn quick. Once those cinnamon buns are gone, they’re gone.

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What are the best bakeries in Krakow?


As French as bakeries in Krakow can get!

Charlotte Krakow

The term bakery might be a tad too soft for this opulent and elegant French joint on bustling plac Szczepański. Patisserie is more apt. That better sums up those fresh-baked croissants and authentic baguettes.

There’s a real attention to detail here. Notice the fine ingredients used to create each loaf, from grape-ripened natural yeasts to the highest quality rye flours and top-of-the-range sea salts.

There are fantastic coffees too, smelling as if they’ve been plucked straight from a Parisian corner café. Topping that off is a bustling al fresco seating area and a stylish interior of woods and natural hues with a cool mezzanine.

Cupcake Corner

A solid choice for sweet cakes and coffee

Cupcake Corner

This fun-loving and welcoming little Krakow staple can be found in a couple of locations throughout the city (from Grodzka Street near the Wawel to the Old Town’s heart). Wherever you find it, those sweet-smelling cupcakes will do their best to draw you in from outside.

True to its name, these joints are packed with mouth-watering little cakes decorated in various colours and toppings. Flavours range from butterscotch to chocolate to toffee. The coffee is also top-notch and the interiors of glossed wood, living-room seating and large windows come complete with speedy WiFi and plenty of plugs.

Emily Bakes

Vintage teacup

Cakes for all – including vegans!

This independent cafe and bakery on the western side of the Old Town has garnered a bit of a rep for offering up the best homemade cakes in Krakow since opening some years back. We’d agree wholeheartedly that the sweet plates are downright lovely, especially the stacked chocolate gateau and the cheesecakes. On top of that, we’d say it’s perhaps the best of all the bakeries in the city for vegans, because there’s almost always something fresh that not got dairy involved.

The vibe is pretty cool, too. Check out the kitschy use of second-hand crockery and vintage dishes. It gives the place the air of a classic English teahouse.

Piekarnia Mojego Taty 

Probably the best bread in the city

Piekarnia Mojego Taty Krakow

A rustic joint that exudes both passion and expertise when it comes to bread making, Piekarnia Mjego Taty is now one of the best-kept secrets of Krakow’s bakery scene.

At each of the handful of locations dotted around the Old Town and Kazimierz, the interior oozes and Old World charm. Inside, you’ll even find leaflets and information points unravelling the more than 100 years of history associated with this baking name.

In short: don’t come here expecting a lively, upbeat café-come-bread shop. Come for some of the most accomplished sourdoughs, local loaves and wheat breads in town!

Lajkonik Bakery

You’ll find this one all over the place

Homegrown Lajkonik is surely one of the best-known bakeries in Krakow. The brand has risen to boast no fewer than six separate locations in the city. They each serve a mouth-watering selection of sweet pastries, open sandwiches and homemade breads. That latter selection even includes crispy ciabattas straight out of Italy!

One of the major pulls here are the filled baguettes, which come in a whole host of creative and affordable manifestations. There’s warmed-up mozzarella and pesto. There’s breakfast omelette and lettuce. Oh, and there’s budget-friendly coffee that’s fine to match.


Cinnamon buns to die for

This small and unassuming joint that’s said to cook up some of the best cinnamon buns in the city. Cue Zaczyn. It’s a real artisan baker’s with an eye for quality. People wax lyrical about their sourdough and poppy-seed buns especially.

If you have the time, be sure to linger around for breakfast. Sweet pastries glazed in icing meet creative French toast dishes topped with fruit. There’s also coffee and tea to match, along with savoury Italian bruschetta with a range of topping options.

Do you know of any more top-notch bakeries in Krakow? If so, we’d love to hear about them in the comments below. Anything goes. Could be a sweet-toothed pastry shop. Might be the master of French baguette making in south Poland. Seriously, we want to share it!

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