The best restaurant guide to Krakow there is (probably).

FOOD. You gotta’ eat, amirite? Krakow got ya’ covered folks. 10 years ago this town had just one curry house. Now there are 30+. Same goes for Neapolitan pizza joints and mezze kitchens. Oh, and there’s real great Polish cuisine to sample to boot…

Prepare to be wowed by Krakow restaurants. Yep, the culinary diversity of this old Polish city has come on leaps and bounds in the last 10 years of so. We remember a time when it was just dumplings and beetroot borscht. No more. No way. Now there’s Georgian khachapuri and Rajput curries, artisan German bakeries and Portuguese tart shops. It’s a true global offering on the gastronomy front.

Of course, Krakow is still a fine place to sample traditional Polish food. We’d 100% recommend that first-time travelers to Poland do just that, and we’ve got some great guides to Polish street food and the best Polish restaurants in Krakow that can help you sate the appetite on that front.

On top of that, get ready to sample award-winning Neapolitan pizza, taste-bud-tingling Asian stir fries, and some seriously accomplished veggie- and vegan-friendly dishes courtesy of the city’s all-new breed of creative kitchens. Tempted? This part of our guide to Krakow is what you’re after…

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Our top 5 Krakow restaurants at a glance

Hungry and not much time? Just a glimpse below reveals our top five Krakow eats right now. It’s changing year on year, but these are the places that have the best grub of the moment, at least in our humble and thoroughly overfed opinion!

  1. HAMSA Hummus & Happiness – Get yourself down to Kazi for mezze platters of creamy hummus dip and Middle Eastern falafel right now. It’s a must, even though prices have cranked skywards in 2021/22.
  2. Nolio – The best pizza in the city (probably). You’ll need to book but it’s cushiony Neapolitan through and through.
  3. Gospoda Koko – Cheap and cheerful, this wallet-friendly haunt is a modern take on a Polish milk bar, where you get dumplings, soups, and beer.
  4. Vegab – A hole-in-the-wall eatery with something different: Totally, 100% plant-based vegan kebabs. Heaven after a night out, mind you.
  5. Taj Kraków Kazimierz – We’ve been to Thailand and we can say right now that this one gets it. The curries are spot on and perhaps not what you’d expect of Central Europe.