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The Very Best Krakow Hotels with Pool Facilities

Give yourself a bit of luxury by booking hotels in Krakow with pool facilities, so you can splash and swim after a day in the UNESCO city.

Who wouldn’t want a place to take a dip after touring the UNESCO sites of what’s arguably Europe’s finest Old Town? Thankfully, there are loads of options for that in the K. This guide to the very best Krakow hotels with pool facilities run through the crème de la crème. It has options that are 5-star deluxe, to leave you feeling like a Polish princess/prince. There are choices with splash pads in historic basements. And there are even some that will whisk you out to the rolling hills on the outskirts of the city.

We’ve tried to organise all the picks so you can easily breeze past the places that don’t suit your style. That’s why we’ve got aparthotels with pools in a different category to Krakow hotels with pool facilities that are either deluxe or midrange.

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This is a part of our full guide to booking hotels in Krakow.

What’s in this guide to the best Krakow hotels with pool facilities?

Qubus Hotel Kraków – our star pick

Let’s put this simply: We love the Qubus hotel. But mostly, we love the pool at the Qubus hotel. It sits in a glass-fronted greenhouse overlooking the gorgeous district of Podgorze. As you laze by the waterside, you can gaze across a sea of Baroque church towers, the Wawel Castle, and red-tiled roofs. The pool is well set up for lengths, or simply bobbing around. It also comes with a pretty luxurious spa facility on the side (steam rooms included) and a gym. On top of all that, the suites are stylish and edgy, the breakfast buffet is one of the best in town, and it’s only a short stroll to the immersive Jewish Quarter. What’s not to love?

The most luxurious Krakow hotels with pool facilities

Krakow hotels with pool facilities do tend to edge towards the pricier end of the spectrum. That should hardly come a surprise, given than spa facilities and elegant historic design features are also often part of the bargain.

Hotel Stary

One glimpse at this opulent stay is usually enough to show why it was the winner of the prestigious Prix Villegiature for interior design. It’s simply stunning. Housed in a 19th-century palace on one of the main streets of the Old Town, it’s also a top pick on our list of historic hotels in Krakow. But, let’s not beat around the bush. We’re here for the pool. So: Prepare. To. Be. Stunned. This one’s swimming spot fits into ancient cellars that lie below ground. They’re the perfect place to relax both summer and winter, with climate-controlled surroundings and an immersive setting of vaulted domes. Salt rooms and aromatherapy steam rooms sit alongside. It’s the full package.

Sofitel’s Bachleda is a real gem. It’s one for the travelers who love to be pampered. Expect frills like Christian Lacroix cosmetics and Nespresso machines in each room. Get ready to see glinting gold mosaics and velveteen fabrics in the breakfasting hall. The location is a doozy too: You’ll be a few minutes’ walk from the Old Town’s south-western edge, a block away from the main castle, and right by the river. As for the pool. Well, it follows suit. Grand and elegant, it’s decorated with chandeliers and mosaics, flanked by hydro massage tubs and saunas for good measure.

More affordable hotels with pools in Krakow

Don’t worry if you’re not looking to fork out loads but still want a spot to do your daily lengths. Some Krakow hotels with pool facilities aren’t so heavy on the wallet. Check them out: 

Novotel Kraków Centrum

The Novotel might just be the only option among all the pool-ready hotels in Krakow that’s at once affordable and central. It rises above the Vistula River, offering some great suites with views of the water and the castle. All rooms are contemporary and comfy, complete with flat-screen TVs and recliner seats. The leisure and health facility that’s on site boasts a decent-sized pool with an in-built hot tub section. It might be a tad small for those post-sightseeing lengths, but is perfect for splashing around. Novotel Kraków Centrum also comes with a gym and saunas.

Turówka Hotel & Spa

Situated in the district of Wieliczka (you know, the home of the UNESCO salt mines), the Turówka Hotel & Spa is an out-of-town option. It’s invariably not as pricy as it’s compadres in the centre, but should only really be considered if you’re looking to bed down near the mines. For that, it’s perfect. You get access to a lovely circular swimming pool with gushing fountains and hot tubs to boot.

Aparthotels in Krakow with swimming pools

There’s a lot to be said for focussing your search on aparthotels if you’re determined to stay in one of the best Krakow hotels with pool facilities. Why? Well, lots more of them tend to have swimming spots. They can be more centrally located. And they offer a little extra space. We’ve listed a few of the very best below…

Rezydencja Radziwiłłowska

There’s arguably no more central a spot to be in than the one offered by these elegant apartments. They sit just a stone’s throw from the major shopping mall of Galeria Krakowska, not to mention the main train station. But it’s the style that really draws the great reviews. Fusing chic modernism with a touch of vintage Krakow, they’ve plenty in the way of luxury. But that’s even before you see the pool, which manages something special with its vaulted redbrick ceilings and underwater lights. In short: This is a corker of a choice to be close to the Old Town, the station, and with a pool of your own.

Exclusive Business Apartments by InPoint

Wowza – these really are lush! We don’t know if it’s the polished kitchen units in matt black, the grey-white monochrome schemes, or the Scandi-cool furnishings, but the Exclusive Business Apartments by InPoint are a fantastic place to settle down in Krakow in style. They might be aimed at corporate travelers, but anyone can book. Anyhow, those plush beds and fully equipped living spaces are surely too much for fly-in weekenders heading to a meeting! The downside? Access to the pool and the spa area comes at an additional charge. 

If you’ve stayed in any other Krakow hotels with pool facilities that you think we should definitely have on this list, please get in touch! We love to hear up-to-date recommendations for this awesome city.

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