Krakow hotels come in all shapes and sizes. Luxury, affordable, chic, traditional, historic – there are more than you can shake a Polish pretzel at. Where you stay will also have a big impact on the sort of city break you have. After all, no one wants to be stuck out in the sticks when you could be hopping bars in the Old Town or coffee shops in Kazimierz, right?

Well…that’s where this guide comes in. It’s got all the info you could need on choosing the top hotels in Krakow. It doesn’t matter if you’re after a budget hostel with a party vibe or a sleek boutique with views of the Vistula River, we’ve got you covered.

Neighbourhood guide to Krakow hotels

Neighbourhood guide for Krakow hotels.jpg

A good first step for choosing places to stay in Krakow is our neighborhood guide. It runs through the most popular areas of the city without any faffing about with far-flung districts or residential areas. All you get here is the lowdown on the liveliest, most monument-rich, most exciting parts of town. These are the areas where you can step from the lobby to find yourself immersed in history or hopping the coolest bars around.

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Hotels in Krakow Main Square

Krakow main square hotels

Hotels in Krakow Main Square are bound to be some of the best-located in the city. They’ll put you right on the doorstep of some of the city’s top attractions. Just step out of the lobby and you’re likely to see the great Basilica of St Mary and the medieval Cloth Hall. In addition to that, you’ll be staying in the midst of a happening nightlife and bar quarter, which is said to have more venues per square metre than any other in Europe!

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Krakow hotels in the Old Town

Old Town hotels in Krakow

The Old Town is an area of the city that every first-time visitor should be certain to visit. It’s an enchanting mix of centuries-old palaces and edgy bars. In fact, the whole district is a UNESCO World Heritage Site! So, if you’re looking for a great location and unrivalled access to the sights from your Krakow hotels, Old Town establishments have you covered. They can also be downright luxurious and charming, with rooftop gardens, award-winning restaurants, and underground pools. Nice.

Krakow hotels with pool facilities

There’s a nice mix of hotels in Krakow with pools on the side. They do tend to be on the higher end of the price spectrum But they also come with some deluxe additions. Pools could be set in historic basements below the Old Town. Or, they might be in glass rooms overlooking the Vistula River. This is our curated list.

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Historic hotels in Krakow

Historic hotels in Krakow

Krakow has centuries and centuries of history – some 500 years ago, it was the capital of Poland! Thankfully, the town was also left largely unscathed after WWII, which means its medieval core and Renaissance-era palaces are still intact. Lots of those have now be transformed into intriguing and interesting Krakow hotels. They’re the ones you won’t forget in a hurry; the ones that offer an immersive experience and a dash of luxury to match their rich heritage.

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Hotels in Kazimierz

Hotels in Kazimierz

The district of Kazimierz is one of our favourites. Still within walking distance of the UNESCO Old Town, this one’s a tad more “local”. It’s got buzzy bars, late-night clubs, mezze eateries and more. Oh, and the hotels are cool, quirky and boutique. Take a look.

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