Wodka Bar Krakow

Wodka Bar Krakow – A Temple to Poland’s National Drink

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Looking for a taste of Poland’s most famous drink? There’s hardly anywhere better for it than Wodka Bar, a whole venue that’s 100% dedicated to the potent clear stuff of the Slavic east. They keep things purposely simple here. At first glance, the bar itself looks more like a vaulted Catholic chapel, with its arched ceilings and stoic terracotta walls. Truth is, it’s nothing near a chapel, because the altar water within is made from rye, potatoes, and a whole load of booze. Drinks-wise, you can go straight and pick from a whole range of flavored vodka labels, or ask for something mixed to temper the flavor a touch. For us, Wodka Bar is perhaps the best alternative to doing a proper Polish vodka tour (though that will be better for understanding the history and heritage of the drink).

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The atmosphere in Wodka Bar

Simplicity is key at Wodka Bar Krakow. This joint is but a pint-sized hole in the wall that hides on the bottom floor of an Old Town palace down Mikolajska Street, not a long walk from the hustle and bustle of the main square. It can be busy on weekend nights but usually has space in the week and during the afternoon. There’s seating along the walls downstairs, but also a cozy mezzanine with a couple of tables.

The food and drink at Wodka Bar Krakow

Naturally, it’s the voddie you came for. Ask at the bar what’s on offer. They’ll likely flaunt the tasting selection, which offers a sampling of three or five locally made Polish vodka (and it is all Polish vodka, none of that rubbish Russian stuff here!). If you’re a bit more in the know, then go right in and request whatever you like – they’re pretty amenable to most vodka-related requests. Beers are available, along with cherry wine and local Polish wine (at least the last time we went).

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