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The 5 Best Wine Bar Krakow Venues

Are you looking for the best wine bar Krakow has to offer? Check this list of the five finest venues in the city.

If you’re looking for the best wine bar Krakow has to offer, then you’ve come to the right place. We have listed the five finest venues this bustling city has up its sleeve. Wine might not be the drink Poland is known for, but there are oodles of fantastic wine venues peppered across the city.

This guide to the best wine bar Krakow venues has all the info you need. It lists the very best establishments in town, which serve the highest quality drinks. So, here we go…

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What’s in this guide to wine bar Krakow venues?


If you’re looking for the best wine bar Krakow has to offer, BARaWINO might just be the right place. Beyond being a lovely spot to sit with a glass of crisp white on a hot summer evening, it’s one of the finest locations to buy quality wine in the city. Even if you’re not a seasoned wine connoisseur, you’ll be able to purchase some fantastic bottles thanks to helpful and knowledgeable staff ready to help.

However, if you’re only here to enjoy the wine on the spot, you won’t be disappointed either. It’s a lovely little venue in the heart of bustling Kazimierz – just a two-minute walk from the river, in a corner building on the edge of Plac Wolnica. In the summer, there are plenty of European-style tables lining the pavement outside. When it’s colder, you can take a seat inside at one of the tables tucked beside the walls of wine.

When it comes to the menu, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there is plenty of wine to choose from at BARaWino. From rich Portuguese reds to crisp New Zealand whites, there is no shortage of high-quality options sold by glass or bottle. You can match that with some small bites ranging from cold cuts to cheese platters.

Czarna Owca • Wino Bar • Kraków

Whether you’re looking for an atmospheric and classy spot for evening drinks in Kazi or a place to taste quality wines with your friends, look no further than Czarna Owca. The Black Sheep bar (as known in Polish) is up there with the best wine bar Krakow venues.

It’s a small and cosy spot on Dajwor street in Kazimierz. Expect dimmed lights and a modern dark interior with plenty of wine bottles stacked up on the shelves adding to the charm. In the summer, they also have lots of outdoor tables, big enough to seat groups of up to five, so why not take your friends with you, eh?

The menu includes an extensive list of wines ranging from French Sauvignon to Spanish Riojas and Italian bubbles on top. They also have lots of snacks that complement the fine drinks. Don’t hesitate to ask the staff for recommendations, they know their thing at Czarna Owca.

Wine Bar and Shop stoccaggio

Whether you’re looking for a perfect bottle for a gift or are a wine connoisseur that won’t be satisfied with an average supermarket selection, make sure to visit the Wine Bar and Shop stoccaggio. At first glance, it looks like just a shop, but take a few steps inside, and you’ll see a stylish and atmospheric place to enjoy a glass of quality wine. It’s on Karmelicka Street, just a short stroll from the main square.

Wine Bar and Shop stoccaggio has some of the best selections of wine bottles in the whole of Krakow. You’ll find options from all over the world ranging from popular choices to more unique, vintage bottles. The owner is passionate about wine, so make sure to ask for his recommendations. Besides the wine, you can expect some quality snacks matched to the drinks, such as cheese boards, cold cuts, and crispy bread.

Krako Slow Wines

This spot might not be the most popular location for weekender visitors to walk past, but it’s definitely worth a visit. That said, you might stumble upon this place if you visit the Schindler’s Factory Museum or the Museum of Modern Art (MOCAK) – Krako Slow Wines is just around the corner.

This small venue is all about tasty food accompanied by high-quality wine. It’s actually one of the few wine bars in the city that serves cooked food rather than just cold snacks. You can get things such as salads, soups, and French baguettes with roast beef. However, if you only fancy a small bite, they also have smaller tapas on their menu.

When it comes to wine, they have a nice selection of international bottles for all budgets. The staff is well-educated, so don’t be shy about asking for recommendations.

Wine bar Lustra

We are back in our favourite district in the city with our final position on the list of the best wine bar Krakow venues – Kazimierz. Wine bar Lustra is yet another fantastic spot in the bustling Jewish quarter. It’s just around a corner from BARaWino, so there is no need to panic if there are no free tables at either of the spots – they’re both awesome.

Lustra’s speciality is natural wines. Those are made using traditional methods, without adding any chemical substances in production. You will also recognise them by a well-known organic symbol on the bottle. The owner of this place is a wine enthusiast happy to share many interesting stories about his favourite drink. He also produces his own cider, which is well worth a try.

It’s a small and atmospheric spot, where you’ll feel right at home. Apart from drinks, the menu includes small bites such as cheese platters and olives. It’s also a great place to try Polish wines – you might be surprised, but they’re pretty good.

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