Wezze Krafta Krakow

Weźże Krafta Krakow – Second Time Lucky, Craft Beer and Pizza

Check our guide to Weźże Krafta Krakow, a place to find some of the best craft brews in the city matched with yummy pizzas...

Weźże Krafta Krakow blazed a trail when it came on the scene some eight years back. It was one of the OG craft purveyors of Tytano, a complex of hip start-out bars that were trying to do something different. Tytano itself has now since shutdown (anyone knows why?) but Weźże seems to have garnered a strong enough following to warrant Weźże Mark 2. We’ll make the bold claim of saying that we much prefer the sequel to the original. There’s something about the new venue down in Kazi that screams “it’s a keeper” to us. Could it be the 15+ beers on tap? Could it be the tasty pizzas made in house? Could it be the irresistible drinks and food deals that punctuate the weeks? Maybe it’s the whole shebang.

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The atmosphere at Weźże Krafta Krakow

Strolling into Weźże Krafta Krakow you could be forgiven for thinking that you’d just entered the lobby of a particularly slick hotel. Not so. This one’s turned the traditional bar idea on its head. Literally. The downstairs is but an entry point and a bar. There are some seats there but who wants to hang around? Climb the stairs and you’ll enter a classic Kazimierz affair with multiple rooms housing long tables, short tables, and everything in between; Scandi-cool design throughout, of course.

The food and drink at Weźże Krafta

Weźże Krafta Krakow forged its rep by offering seriously great beers in a stripped-down environment. The first iteration felt a little like IKEA had strayed into the brewery scene. Not so at the Kazimierz location, where you feel you’re drinking proper beers in a proper pub. Mhmm…the labels are creative and different each week. They reflect the current vogue in the local beer scene and even push the boundaries with various flavored beers. There’s a menu of pizzas that might not be the best in the city but come pretty close. They make for a fantastic accompaniment to a pre-sesh, Weźże style. Drop in. It would be rude not to!

Asia K
Asia K

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