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Vodka Bars Krakow – 5 Best + Vodka Experiences

This guide to the top vodka bars Krakow has to offer reveals the top five places to sample Poland's potent national drink.

Looking for the best vodka bars Krakow has? This guide has the top five, plus some tips on the city’s best vodka tours.

So, you’re on the hunt for the best vodka bars Krakow can muster, eh? We can only guess that you’re looking to sample the iconic clear stuff that this corner of Europe is so famed for. Good idea! The vodka in Poland tastes better than the vodka anywhere else we’ve been. They did invent it, after all!

Anyway, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve whittled the array of places that serve Poland’s national tipple down to just five options.

There’s one clear leader that’s considered the de facto king of vodka bars, not just in Krakow but in the whole of south Poland. Beyond that, we’d really recommend heading down to the district of Kazimierz, which is where you get the bulk of the better vodka holes.

We’ll also mention some seriously fantastic vodka tours and experiences that we think are musts if you’re really serious about your vodka. They’ll not only take you to some of the best vodka bars Krakow has up its sleeve, but also reveal some of the long history and culture behind the drink with dedicated guides.

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This is just one part of our ultimate list of Krakow bars

What’s in this guide to Krakow vodka bars?

The top vodka bars in Krakow

Wodka Bar

There’s simply no doubt about it: Wodka Bar is the single standout among all the vodka bars Krakow has to offer.

A bijou little bolthole of an establishment, it’s cut its teeth by serving multiple iterations of the national tipple and pretty much only that.

Yes, there are beers on tap, but who comes to a bar that’s literally called VODKA to get a pint, eh?

The variations are formidable: The local cherry vodka flows, but so do vodkas flavored with fig and elderberry, peach and hazelnut (a personal poison).

The bar staff all know their stuff inside and out and the setting is pretty darn fantastic – think a mezzanine were you’ll be wedged cheek and jowl by other drinkers and small outdoor space where you can glug voddie in the cold during the midwinter snows.

Wodka Bar do not take bookings. It’s walk-in only. The upshot? Get here early because it’s often busy just cos’ it’s so good!


Wiśnioffka is a relatively new arrival to the buzzy district of Kazimierz south of the Old Town – well, it’s now been there a few years, but that’s still young compared to some of the voddie holes in Krak.

It specializes in one thing and one thing only: Cherry vodka, known locally as wisniowka (see where the name comes from?).

Truth be told the stuff that’s served here is more of a cherry wine, but you’ll be glad of that because it comes in 250ml carafes and most people get through the whole darn thing.

It’s sweet and fruity but has a distinct full-body character to it. Certainly worth a go.

Wiśnioffka has some lovely interiors that channel a touch of boho Kazi. We’re just not sure about the chained up tables. One wrong movement on those and your cherry vodka is going bye bye.

Klub Wódki

Literally two steps down the road from Wiśnioffka, Klub Wódki is a good option to add to the vodka-fueled drinking map in Kazimierz district.

Walk in and you’ll be greeted by a UFO-like bar space that seems to float in strange hues of agate green in the middle of the bar.

Up above, the various vodkas line up like a phalanx. There’s cherry, nut, quince, apple – a whole host. We like that this one also doubles as a normal cocktail bar and pub, so it’s good for mixed groups consisting of those who are voddie aficionados and those who are not.


Hit this one for those late-night vodkas. Staying open well past midnight until the first rays of the sun begin to peak over the palaces of Plac Szepanski where it makes its home, BaniaLuka is now the stuff of legends on the Krakow nightlife scene.

Okay, so it’s not for those refined journeys into the history and heritage of Polish vodka. Leave that for the official vodka tour and come here to drink the local stuff as the locals do (at least some of them) – AKA in excess and in the company of other shot slammers. Once upon a time it was $1 a shot here. It’s a touch more now but still uber-cheap.

Pijalnia Wódki i Piwa

Pijalnia Wódki i Piwa is one of the backbones of the Polish vodka bar scenes. These guys now have a whopping 33 outlets across the country, from Torun to Warsaw to the mountain town of Nowy Targ near Zakopane.

They have two in Krakow alone, one in the Old Town (on Szewska Street), the other in the middle of Kazimierz, on our fav little nightlife spot of Plac Nowy.

Like BaniaLuka, Pijalnia follows the so-called 4/8 model: Bars that historically (no longer, sadly) did plates of basic Polish food for 8 zloty and shots or beers for 4. The price has cranked up slightly but it’s still a great spot for sampling mainstream Polish vodkas like Zubrowka, lemon vodka and some more creative shot mixes (ask for the Mad Dog, which comes with tabasco).

Pijalnia Wódki i Piwa stays open real late and it’s kinda’ wild. Usually busy, usually fun; a great place to meet other travelers.

Vodka tours in Krakow

So, those are the bars out of the way. They’re really great if you just wanna’ drop in an taste a little bit of local Polish liquor. But a shot on its own can hardly do justice to over 1,000 years of vodka making in Poland.

For that, you need a tour.

What’s great about a tour is that you don’t just drink vodka (don’t worry – you do PLENTY of that). You also get an intro to the story of how vodka came to exist (yes, it’s Polish, NOT Russian). You’ll learn all about the different types of vodka, taste multiple flavors, and even learn a bit of local lingo.

We think there’s one tour operator that really stands out in Krakow for this. They’re continually rated among the best evening tours in the city…

Taste Vodka

Taste Vodka Krakow tour

As we’ve mentioned, these guys have the single most comprehensive voddie tour in town right now. It’s pretty amazing what it includes in all honesty.

Mainly, if it’s the BEST vodka bars in Krakow you’re after (as we imagine you are, if you’re reading this guide) then they take care of that by whizzing through five unique venues, which aren’t tourist traps but rather secret gems only the locals know about. They include a Communist-era shot bar and a cafe that has hundreds of homemade vodka flavours.

Every group gets a dedicated guide who know vodka inside and out. They’ll tell you the history of the drink itself, plus curious tales about individual vodkas. Groups try seven different types of the stuff on the way and can select extra tastings from over 300 varieties.

PLUS, the trip includes food! It’s all local Polish stuff, like pierogi and pickles. We had an awesome time (as you can probably tell by the way we’re waxing lyrical).

Basically we think this is a really great way to get into vodka in Krak. It’s around $70 per person but it totally worth it (over 300 TripAdvisor reviewers agree with us too!) If you’re interested, book below…

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