Stara Zajezdnia Krakow

Stara Zajezdnia Krakow – A Beer Hall to End All Beer Halls

Stara Zajezdnia Krakow is a truly colossal venue. Occupying a whole block in the very midst of Kazimierz, the historic Jewish Quarter south of the Old Town, it’s housed in a vintage tram shed that dates back to the prewar period. The whole thing is now repurposed as a cavernous Slavic beer hall with more tables than you can shake your frothy Polish homebrew at. Thing is, Stara Zajezdnia Krakow is often full to bursting, with organized events, larger parties, and – when there’s a tournament on – fans watching sport on the big screens (especially if it’s a Euros or something). That brings the hubbub of Bavarian beer garden to the interior spaces and adds real energy to the outside.

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The atmosphere at Stara Zajezdnia Krakow

Stara Zajezdnia is MASSIVE. You can pick between an interior space that’s like the Hogwarts dining hall. Or, at least, it would be like the Hogwarts dining hall if Harry Potter wasn’t a loser and liked great beer. However, our real highlight of the space is the al fresco garden. During the warm summer months, it’s like a solarium, gathering all the rays from midday to around 4pm. Settle in on one of the many deck chairs and get your beers from the outdoor bar. Life is good.

The food and drink at Stara Zajezdnia Krakow

They do both food and – of course – beer at Stara Zajezdnia Krakow. The latter comes from the onside microbrewery. There, they create three main brews, a dark stout, a light pils, and a honey beer that’s okay if you want something sweet. The onsite tavern serves big slabs of meat in the Polish style (with mustard and a salad that’s almost impossible to see) and all manner of other pub grub, from stacked burger patties to chips. We could hang here all day long if we had to.

Asia K
Asia K

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