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Singer Krakow – Go Here At 4am

Check this guide to Singer Krakow, one of the original nightlife spots in Kazimierz known for table dancing at 4 am...

Singer Krakow is the late-night party reliable of Kazimierz. It’s also one of the OGs of the Krakow nightlife scene, with a reputation that very much preceeds it: “Who’s heading to Singer tonight?” So goes the refrain each night when it’s supposed to be a quite one, half joking only. When the sun’s up, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Singer was a bit of a past-it café now overshadowed by the hipster craft beer joints and edgy café that hem it in. But those rickety tables and those crochet wall coverings aren’t something from your grandma’s house, we promise. They herald a bar that really rode the first wave of ironic design and bohemian cool in the city. And it’s just the same today.

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The atmosphere in Singer Krakow

No one really goes to Singer until 2am, at the very least. But when that early hour passes, the place explodes all of a sudden as the changers start blaring endless dance and Balkan jazz mixed. Every level surface becomes fair game for dancers, from the windowsills to the tables. Still, from the outside it looks as if not all that much is happening, such is the nature of the piled up layers of dust on the glass. Push inside and you’ll move through a tight-knit lounge that’s more care home than rollicking music bar. Then you’ll hit the main area, where it’s not unusual to see trays of shots jostling this way and gyrating bodies swinging on the chandeliers overhead. It’s all very Alice in Wonderland and downright fun.

The food and drink at Singer

They don’t serve food at Singer but the daytime is great for settling in on one of the al fresco tables and watching the world go by. They are perfectly located for people watching over Plac Nowy, one of the main hubs of Kazimierz district. Later on, when the mast is past the half mast, the drinking begins. They have Pilsner Urquell on tap (a fantastic Czech larger) and do pretty great cocktails. As the close time approaches – which is like 5am, or is it 7am, we can hardly remember – the main bar will shut and they’ll only serve shots.

Asia K
Asia K

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