Propaganda Krakow

Propaganda Krakow – A Rockabilly Bar With Attitude

Check our ultimate guide to Propaganda Krakow, which includes our take on the atmosphere and the menu in this rockabilly bar in Kazi.

Propaganda is just about as gritty as they come. Part rockabilly dive bar, part biker hangout, it has the air of a down-and-outer drinking hole and, you get the feeling, kinda’ likes it that way. That said, there’s usually a fairly happy welcome from the bar staff and the vibe has always been good to us, though we’d be the first to admit we’re partial to the more noir side of nightlife venues from time to time. Anyway, Propaganda Krakow – or Propaganda Pub as it likes to be known – hides behind a sticker-clad and graffiti-scrawled door on Midowa Street in Kazimierz. Duck in to enter the small smoky room where vintage beer signs glow on the walls and the art recalls the feel of a hipster flea market, though we’re sure the owners would disagree with the characterization.

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What’s in this guide to Propaganda Krakow?

The atmosphere in Propaganda Krakow

Some might say that Propaganda Krakow is a touch rough. We prefer to say that the atmosphere here is down-to-earth and honest. There’s no fake smiling, no tourist welcome when you creak through the metal door. It’s a rock bar in both looks and style. That’s not to say we’ve not had some downright sociable nights here. There’s often a good crowd in, sipping drinks at the tiny bar and playing darts on the in-house board.

There’s no dedicated smoking area but folks will move onto the pavement outside, where – at least post 10 pm – it seems there’s not too much of a rule about taking your pints. Inside, you’ll get an intriguing mix of antiques and trinkets. The highlights for us are the whole Cadillac frontage that emerges from the central wall and the murals of various Communist-era propaganda posters (hence the name). There’s also a downstairs area that’s recently been closed.

The food and drink at Propaganda Krakow

Don’t hit Propaganda Pub for fancy cocktails, though they will make mixed drinks if asked. Come for the beer and more beer, with a side of vodka if you like. We’ve noticed that recent years have increased the array of local craft ale that’s on the menu, though it’s mostly in bottles, not on tap. Talking of tap, that mainly offers fairly good but midrange Czech lagers like Litovel.

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