Piekny Pies, Kazimierz

Piękny Pies – Kazimierz’s Gritty Hipster Haunt

Check this ultimate guide to Piękny Pies - one of the most legendary nightclubs of the Krakow nightlife scene...

Piękny Pies – which means Beautiful Dog in English – is up there with the great legends of the Krakow club scene. Veteran partiers of Krakow will regale newcomers here with tales of crazy nights had in all four (or is it five?) former iterations of this kitschy late-nighter. We’re pretty darn partial to the latest version ourselves. Look for it along the eastern edge of Plac Wolnica in central Kazimierz. There, it takes a nod from the grittiness of its former outlets but adds a touch of Latin charm and refinement. It’s now got the best outside space of any Piękny Pies, and a pretty good vibe that’s perhaps a touch more welcoming than before.

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The atmosphere at Piękny Pies

Piękny Pies is very much an anything-goes sorta club. We’ve encountered drag queens, backpackers, Tango dance teachers, and even TV stars on our various soirees without. That, or at least that’s what they said they were. The point is that the bar really lends itself to strange moments and strange encounters with the weird and wonderful cohorts of the world.

The interior is a perfect manifestation of the off-beat character. Expect neon-lit jellyfish and unicorns to sprout from the walls. Watch out for retro 60s seating to be tucked under Sci-Fi lights in a medieval basement. The mishmash and the contrast is all part of the fun and kinda’ the perfect reflection of the crowd that returns for chats, dances, imbibing, and giggles each evening.

We should say a work on the al fresco space. We think it’s really transformed the Piękny Pies brand. Before, there wasn’t really anywhere to go for outdoor drinks in this establishment. Now, there’s a whole cordoned-off patio with multiple tables. There’s chin wagging to be done there until the early hours and it’s top for midsummer evening tipples to boot.

The drink at Piękny Pies

Beer Kazimierz

Piękny Pies certainly isn’t a low-cost 4/8 bar. It’s a premium pub and has all the premium labels to show for it. That’s not to say it’s expensive. Prices are still kept to a reasonably 12-16 PLN for a beer, while the cocktails are downright bargains – think $3 for a White Russian and $7 for a whole Long Island Iced Tea (made the right way here, btw!). We’re also loving the latest addition of craft beer labels from Poland.

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