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Omerta Krakow – The Dark Side of Craft Bars

Check our complete guide to Omerta Krakow, a classic pub in the middle of the bustling Kazimierz district...

Omerta is tucked into a corner of Kazimierz between the side streets that run off Plac Nowy, the district’s beating heart. It greets patrons with a symphony of Godfather-themed paraphernalia and Mob-related décor; expect the glowering face of Marlon Brando to gaze down from on high here. There’s no such omerta over the quality beer offering in the joint – the spot has one of the finest arrays of ales, stouts, lagers, pils, and more around. We see this one as a great middle-evening watering hole for fans of artisan beer. And it’s a spot to pay respects, since Omerta was one of the names that really kick-started Krakow’s obsession with all things craft. We’ll raise a glass or 10 to that!

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The atmosphere in Omerta Krakow

The vibe at Omerta is pretty close to a British pub. That means beer-stained tables run throughout, worn sofas wait in the alcoves, and the lighting is dim all day long. There are a couple of individual rooms, with a lounge space out back and a more vibrant bar area with high seating. During the summer, the staff also throw a couple of tables out onto the street, which is quieter than a lot of the roads that cut through Kazi.

The food and drink at Omerta Krakow

Really, you’ll be coming to Omerta for beer. They have a classic 12-tap setup that sticks a range of both international and Polish-brewed brands, with a constant showing of award-winning local brewery Atak Chmielu (a PINTA creation that’s still one of our favs). They also stock lots of bottled labels that should take care of pretty much any hops-barley craving you have. There’s no food on offer at all, but the joint is right next to a particularly fantastic Sicilian street-food hole in the wall that can provide the necessary carb and cheese hit for a night on the proverbial tiles.

Asia K
Asia K

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