Les Couleurs Cafe

Les Couleurs Cafe – Your Taste of Paris in Kazimierz

Read this guide to Les Couleurs Cafe - a slice of Paris in the heart of Krakow's most hipster district, Kazimierz.

Little Les Couleurs Cafe is a whiff of Paris in the heart of Kazimierz, Krakow’s southern hipster district. You get the feeling that you’re somewhere in Montmartre from the get-go – there are even rattan tables and wonky seats perched out front. Go inside to be greeted by the scents of roasted coffee beans and pastries, all underscored by the extra-Parisian addition of a little cigarette smoke, which comes in wafts whenever someone opens the door to the smoking area. We have to say we have a real soft spot for this café. Okay, so the staff rarely smile but that’s part of the fun. It’s a moody, meditative spot to while a whole afternoon deep in a book or people-watching.

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The atmosphere in Les Couleurs Cafe

The interior of Les Couleurs Cafe is a symphony of Francophile decoration. Our favorite room has to the be conservatory back space, which has a glass roof and is positively lovely in the winter months when you can spy snow drifts on the patios outside. Head there and you’ll see maps of Paris scrawled on the wall, and get to cozy up on cushion-topped seats. There are plenty of plugs about coupled with fast internet in case you’re looking for somewhere to work. Out front, there’s a smoking area and a narrow, corridor-like area that has a few tables wedged onto the sides under antique art. There are also a few tables outside that are usually occupied by the regulars, smoking and sipping coffee all day long.

The food and drink at Les Couleurs Cafe

Les Couleurs Cafe is one of those unique spaces that blends café and bar. The daytime is all about coffee. The roasts here aren’t anything special a la Karma but they are decent enough. Plus, there’s a series of pastries to pick from. Later on, you can drink Polish vodkas, frothy tap beer, and imported wine.

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