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Klub RE Krakow – Beer Garden Love

Check our guide to Klub Re Krakow - one of the best spots for al fresco drinks in the summer and a cool basement bar in the winter...

Klub RE Krakow shines because it has what we’d consider to be arguably the best beer garden in the whole of Krakow. When the warmer months swing around in April and May, their series of gravel-topped patios come to life. They’re wedged between a series of medieval buildings on the eastern side of the old town, and topped by gnarled oak trees that must be 50 years old apiece.

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The atmosphere in Klub Re Krakow

We’ve already waxed lyrical about the Klub RE beer garden. It’s a corker; a corker okay? But don’t forget the subterranean interior. That’s classic Krakow stuff. Hidden, moody, underground – what else did you order from this noir Slavic city? It ticks all the boxes for a winter pint or 10 under the cobbles of the Old Town. There are three or four rooms, each with a mix of couples’ tables and longer social tables. There’s now a regular program of live music in RE, mainly on the weekends. The bar space is small but efficient.

The food and drink at Klub Re Krakow

Sitting in that leafy beer garden, you’ll certainly be glad to hear that Klub RE Krakow takes care of all the bases on the al fresco drinks front. Let’s start with beer – you won’t even have to go downstairs to the main bar to get one because they’ve now got a dedicated outdoor bar space. For cocktails, you will need to go inside, but they are made with a choice of premium or basic spirits, depending on what your wallet allows. Another bonus: RE was one of the first places in the city to stock a proper array of cider, which is a doozy on those warmer August nights. Always book yourself a table if you plan on coming with a group in the summer – the seats outside go fast. We’ve spent hours waiting for things to free up. Yes, we could go elsewhere, but did we mention this is the BEST DARN BEER GARDEN IN THE OLD TOWN!?

Asia K
Asia K

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