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House of Beer Krakow – Craft Beer Done Right

Check this guide to House of Beer Krakow, one of the best spots in the old town for craft beer enthusiasts...

House of Beer is a multi-story temple to all lovers of hops and barely. It’s located in prime position amid the Krakow Old Town; far enough away from the Main Square to remain a bit of a local secret (and not draw the stag dos) but close enough to stay bustling and buzzy until closing time. It’s a true grandee of the city’s craft beer scene, with one of the biggest arrays of in-house and guest tap labels and more bottled beers than you could possibly hope to get through while still keeping your liver intact. We’re also big fans of the setting. We’ll talk a bit more about it in detail below, but suffice to say there’s something for all, from secret underground beer halls to cozy sofa seating.

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The atmosphere in the House of Beer Krakow

Step inside House of Beer on the edge of Tomasza Street and you’ll see what all the fuss is about. The joint has gorgeously vaulted Gothic ceilings and dangling chandeliers made of wrought iron. It’s more like something you’d imagine from the pages of a Polish history book, worthy of a Slavic king, than a craft bar. But craft bar it is, just as the lines and lines of taps along the polished wood pouring space testify to. Grab your beer there – and don’t be scared to ask for recommendations at that stage because the staff here are passionate with a capital P – and then choose to stay in this main room, move to the chilled back rooms where there are faux leather sofas, or go underground for a true Krakow experience.

The food and drink at House of Beer Krakow

Beer, beer, and more beer – but what did you expect? This joint is called HOUSE of beer, after all. Unlike some craft bars, this one has an epic range of tipples up for grabs, with a special focus on local Polish craft ales that we’ve had joyous times tasting. If there’s nothing you like the sound of on the main menu, then you can always fall back on the 150 bottled labels, which run the gamut from mass-produced British larger to niche Baltic beers from Lithuania and Latvia.

Asia K
Asia K

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