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Cybermachina Game Pub Krakow – Play, Drink, Be Merry

Cybermachina Game Pub Krakow has a pretty enviable location smack dab in the middle of the Old Town party zone in Krakow. Check it out...

Cybermachina Game Pub Krakow has a pretty enviable location smack dab in the middle of the Old Town party zone in Krakow. When it first opened, we – like many – scoffed. A game pub? There? Really? It’ll never last. Fast forward six hours and 400+ games of Mario Kart and we – like many – were converts. It’s downright fun and the perfect addition to a unique night out here. Drop down the twisting staircase and you’ll enter a trio of cellar spaces that are packed with games consoles old and new, with the chance to play classic names, from Crash Bandicoot to Tekken.

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The atmosphere in Cybermachina Game Pub Krakow

The vibe at Cybermachina Game Pub Krakow is what you might expect. There’s a strange mix of diehard videogame maestros skipping lectures and just-for-the-fun-of-it drop ins (that’s us) who came for the novelty. It goes well, especially as the hours wear on and the booze works its magic. One of our favorite aspects is the fact that you’re not only limited to AV gaming. There’s a fussball pitch for more analog fun and a whole range of board games to request from behind the bar. This is probably the leading game pub Krakow has, and it stays open past 3 am on weekends.

The food and drink at Cybermachina Game Pub

We have to commend the people here. They’ve really leveled up their drinks and food offering since we last dropped in for our Mario Kart marathon. The al la carte now runs from “Single Player” shots like the Head Shot and the Deadpool, to mixed cocktails, also with a similar video game theme running throughout. They’ve also diversified the beer offering, with honey stouts next to classic mainstream lager brands on the tap line up. There’s foot now, too – think real gamer grub like chicken wings and chips.

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