Fitagain cafe

Fitagain Cafe

Fitagain Cafe is a stylish coffee shop just a stone’s throw from the Krakow Market Square, serving interesting salads, sandwiches, tasty cakes and more

Fitagain Cafe sits just a stone’s throw from the Krakow Market Square. It serves interesting and healthy salads, sandwiches and breakfast plates in a relaxed and modern environment that’s part New York part Slavic Krakow.

Stylishly done out with comfy bench seating, one large communal table and a window-front bar seat, the place touts a menu of creative and healthy lunch and breakfast dishes. It’s located a short walk from the Market Square and makes for a fine people-watching spot. In addition, you can come to settle in with a book or the laptop (there’s good WiFi and plenty of plugs throughout).

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The food at Fitagain Cafe

Fitagain cafe Krakow

The Fitagain Cafe menu is fresh and creative. The breakfast choices start the day: a medley of fruit juices and granola bowls that’s bolstered by homemade scrambled eggs.

Lunchtime means salads and sandwiches, curiously ordered by the region of the world they are inspired by. So, expect chickpea and pepper sourdough breads from Africa. Get ready for pickle and mustard-packed club sarnies from the US.

Granted, the portion sizes aren’t massive and the prices are far from modest, but – just as the delicate range of homemade quiches and cakes decorating the counter suggest – this one’s all about quality over quantity!

Which brings us to the real piece de resistance of this modern and elegant café: the pizza. These were recently added to the selection but made a stir in town. for following the Neapolitan model of cooking. Think chewy crusts and fresh mozzarella up on top.

The drink at Fitagain Cafe

Fitagain cafe

Aside from the ubiquitous array of aromatic coffees, lattes, cappuccinos and Americanos, Fitagain offers a great range of alternative teas and smoothies. Expect the likes of apple and ginger infusions, mint teas from Morocco and herbal brews. And then there is the small array of Polish craft beers and bottled ales to get through. They are the perfect accompaniment to one of Fitagain’s crusty pizzas.

The atmosphere at Fitagain Cafe

The atmosphere of this café is a fusion of New York’s Central Perk and classic Soho coffee shop. The interior design of exposed wooden bar tops, bare brick walls and real timber tables mixes perfectly with the bookcases towards the backroom. Some of the best seats are the bar stools that fringe the window. They’re particularly nice spots in the winter when the snow is falling outside. Of course, that’s provided you can put up with the sub-zero breezes when someone opens the door!



Szczepańska 7, +48 12 625 00 96

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