Eszeweria Krakow

Eszeweria Krakow – Noir Cafe With Beer Garden

Check this guide to Eszeweria Krakow - one of the most noir cafe bars with a cool beer garden in the heart of Kazimierz...

Eszeweria is a dark and moody spot that aligns perfectly with the Kazi aesthetic. The polished concrete walls only serve to keep the photons within to an absolute minimum. At night, candles and dim alcove lights are the only source of illumination – you can barely see the couples and groups lost in deep debate hiding the nooks and crannies of the two main drinking rooms. Talking of drinks, the spot serves cheap beer and great coffee and tea. During the summer, it can also lay claim to one of the finest secret drinking gardens in the city. Close time is around midnight, which leads us to suggest this one for a mid-night tipple on a Kazimierz drinking crawl, or perhaps for a pre-evening coffee for those in need of a caffeine fix.

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The atmosphere in Eszeweria Krakow

The atmosphere in Eszeweria is dark. That’s the only way we can describe it, really. Flickering flames illuminate the odd alcove here and there but the light that pierces through the tiny windows from outside is but a trickle, barely enough to remind you that it’s daylight. All that’s kinda’ the point, though – this moody spot in the heart of the city’s moodiest nightlife district is tailor made for long conversations and evenings lost in a book.

The food and drink at Eszeweria Krakow

Coffee and herbal teas are just about as much of a draw as beers and vodka shots in Eszeweria. The order all depends on the time of the day. We’ve already mentioned that epic outdoor space. Well…we should reiterate that it’s unquestionably one of the finest places to settle in for a brew and a biscuit in the daytime. That’s both because we like the garden but also because the coffee here is really great, though the lack of alt milk options is something we think needs remedying. Later, there’s tap beer and lots of flavored voddie options.

Asia K
Asia K

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