10 Places for The Very Best Coffee in Krakow

Krakow’s café scene has always been an important part of the city’s culture, but in the last couple of years, the industry’s been booming. There are lots of new places on the map of Krakow offering top-notch beans, that can rival some of the best in the world. From alternative speciality brews to classic espressos, there is no shortage of great coffee in Krakow.

Of course, not all cafés here will serve the highest quality, so it’s worth knowing where to go for the best coffee. Whether you’re based in the old town, Kazimierz or Podgorze, there is no shortage of cafes in Krakow with experienced baristas behind the espresso machines.

In this guide to the very best coffee in Krakow, we’ve listed 10 places that serve top-quality brews. From in house roasteries to hipster venues, here’s the list of Krakow’s leaders in coffee.

What’s in this guide to the best coffee in Krakow

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Karma Café our top pick of the best coffee in Krakow

best coffee in Krakow_1

Karma is not only a café but also a roastery where you can taste some of the best coffee in Krakow. You will instantly be hit by an intense scent of brilliantly roasted coffee as you enter either of their two venues in the old town and Kazimierz. There are hardly any more prestigious places to have on your CV as a barista in Krakow, as they only hire the best coffee specialists in the city. That means that you will surely get a lovely latte art on your flat white or a perfectly brewed speciality coffee, whether it’s AeroPress or Chemex. We actually think this is the best café in the city.

The roastery on Świętego Wawrzyńca street in Kazimierz is where the real magic happens. That’s where they process the best quality beans with the highest attention to detail. There is a little hipster café attached to the roastery, where you can taste the delicious brew either inside or out in a hidden courtyard. In the evenings, you can come here for a glass of crisp wine or a freshly-baked cake.

Their second venue on Krupnicza street in the Old Town is slightly bigger and more popular than the roastery. You will find more tables and a more extensive menu than you would in Kazi. Apart from top quality coffee, you will find plenty of hot meals, veggie tarts, and desserts. The café is also work-friendly, so don’t be shy to bring your laptop with you.

Krupnicza 12

Świętego Wawrzyńca 9

Cafe Tektura

best coffee in Krakow_2

This café is a neighbour to Karma and a great alternative to our top pick. They may not have their own roastery, but they work with some of the best Polish coffee brands, so their beans are always top-notch. Just like across the road in Karma, Tektura’s baristas are well-trained professionals who will make sure that you will get a perfect espresso. For those who love filtered coffee, they offer four methods of alternative brewing. Their menu also includes yummy sandwiches, paninis, wraps and tasty breakfast options.

Like many cafes across Krakow, Tektura has an industrial-chic interior. But what makes this place unique is the coffee they serve, as it’s some of the best in the city. Although Tektura may not be our top pick, it’s a fantastic place for coffee in Krakow.

Krupnicza 7

Tociekawa – Specialty Coffee

best coffee in Krakow_3

Tociekawa is another amazing café on the map of Krakow. It was opened in 2019 by a young coffee-obsessed professional barista who quickly made this place one of the best places for coffee in Krakow. As the name suggests, apart from the regular espresso-based coffees from a yellow La Marzocco machine, you can try some tasty speciality coffees. Brewing methods using Aeropress, Drip V60, and Chemex are well known to the smiley baristas working here.

This café is located on Dluga street, which connects the old town with the Kleparz area. Inside there are three levels with different seats, and outside there is a lovely back garden. The interior is modern but cosy with pastel colours and lots of lush green plants. They have plenty of plugs and fast Wi-Fi, the place is well-equipped for remote workers.

Długa 37

Wesoła Café

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It’s better to drink coffee than not is Wesoła’s motto that you can read on a neon-lit sign on their bricked wall. And yes, we completely agree with that statement, and this café is definitely worth visiting if you want to try some great quality coffee. Again, you can either go for a classic cappuccino or opt for one of the speciality coffees brewed with alternative methods. You can trust their barista skills because they know their stuff. Apart from delicious drinks, you can have some yummy breakfasts, lunches, and desserts. In the evenings, they serve craft beers and Italian wines.

Wesoła has been welcoming customers since 2014 in their stylish café near the Economics University. Although the location is slightly outside the most popular sites, Wesoła is worth visiting.

Rakowicka 17


Coffee cup

This tiny little café is well known by locals who frequently visit a city library on Rajska street. It’s a small venue right by the main entrance to the library that serves takeaway drinks and food. They also have a second, slightly larger, place in Jagiellonian University where you can sit down with a cup of top-quality coffee. Other than perfectly prepared espresso, you can enjoy a couple of speciality coffee as well as fresh juices, sandwiches, and wraps.

Although this place doesn’t seem like one of the best coffee places in the city at first glance, you can rest assured that they know what they’re doing. The Coffeebook brand was launched by a young coffee lover from Krakow who, after having success with his tiny café in a library, managed to open two more venues. One in Krakow and another in Katowice.

Rajska 1

Krupnicza 33b


Iced coffee

Coffeece is a little café in Zablocie, across the river from Kazimierz and another great place if you’re looking for the best places for coffee in Krakow. They serve delicious arabica together with fresh pastries and cakes. They don’t have too much space, so you may want to come here early to get a seat. In the summer, they serve aromatic nitro coffee (cold brew) that you can drink outside in the garden.

Their menu features classic coffee choices, juices and freshly made sandwiches. Although their location is a little outside the centre, Zablocie is an upcoming area worth visiting in Krakow.

Przemysłowa 12

MAK Bread&Coffee

best coffee in Krakow_5

It is a stylish, modern café on the bottom floor of PURO hotel in Kazimierz. You will find a long table with plugs and a couple of smaller tables around here. That means that it’s not unusual to see digital nomads working here while sipping a lovely arabica coffee taking advantage of the café’s fast Wi-Fi. Try their fresh pastries to accompany a cappuccino with beautiful latte art. It is a great place to come for breakfast and coffee if you’re based in Kazimierz. It’s only a couple of minutes’ walk from Plac Nowy.  

Przemyska 5


alternative brewing

Yet another fantastic café in Krakow specialising in alternative brewing methods alongside fantastic, traditionally made coffees from an espresso machine. Make sure to ask baristas about their current beans; they change regularly. Although coffee is blossom’s masterpiece, they also have plenty of yummy options on their extensive food menu. From breakfasts to lunches and different style bagels, it’s a great place to visit if you’re hungry. You can finish with a sweet cake or a glass of dry wine.

Blossom’s location is right by the entrance to the Economics University, so you will often see students with their laptops here. And in the summer, you can sit in their outside space with a glass of refreshing lemonade.

Rakowicka 20

Soho Coffee


Although at first glance, this place can easily be confused with a popular chain, Soho in Krakow is an independent café. It started in 2015 as a small family business. They hired and trained a young group of baristas who have been serving some of the best coffee in Krakow ever since. It is another place in the city, where you can try some lovely speciality brews alongside classic coffees. Their menu also includes breakfasts and lunches of omelettes, paninis, and salads.  

The cafe is small with a modern design and with work-friendly tables. You can easily find this place on Karmelicka street, which is only a few minutes walk from the main square.

Karmelicka 39



Although you won’t find those V60 drips on their menu, Cheder café is one of the most unique places in Krakow. They specialise in middle eastern Finjan-style coffees that you won’t find anywhere else in the city. Inside you will find vintage seats and shelves full of books and art. Aside from aromatic coffees, you can try their mezzes and middle eastern breakfasts.

It isn’t only a café, though, Cheder also serves as a Jewish cultural centre under Jewish Culture Festival Association patronage.

Józefa 36

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