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Barka Krakow – Beers on a Boat

Check our guide to Barka Krakow. It's one of the best boat bars in the city for al fresco cocktails and pints in the summer...

Barka Krakow is the leader among all the boat bars that string along the Vistula. These are some big words because 2023 begins with quite a few contenders on that count. Barka clinches it for us because it offers the best chill factor, the nicest seating, and an all-round good selection of drinks and food. Too often were Krakow’s boat bars able to get away with mediocre service simply because they were, well, boats.

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The atmosphere at Barka Krakow

Barka channels the industrial-chic, boho character of Kazimierz and Podgroze – the neighborhoods that sit to the north and south on either side of the river – to give a space that’s at once edgy and noir. The exterior seating goes from pub-style tables on the main deck, to come-laze-in-me sofas on the upper deck. That makes this as good a spot for kicking back with pre-dinner cocktails just as much as it is for your next business meeting. During the summer, they’ll also throw some fabric deckchairs onto the sides of the river boulevards to up the capacity, which is needed because Barka is now one popular place to be.

The food and drink at Barka Krakow

The drink offering is pretty standard but we should say something about the cocktails. They’ve gone from okayish to downright lovely in the last year or so (do we detect a new member of staff somewhere, ay?). Whatever the reason, we can’t recommend a tipple of the vodka mixes and whatnot. There’s also Polish beer, and it doesn’t taste off like it does down at some of the other river bars. The new food offering revolves around moules, and mussels, call them what you will. They’re served in a classic white wine sauce with crusty bread. Barka Krakow is also available for a private hire party if you’re looking to plan a larger shindig.

Asia K
Asia K

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