Alchemia Krakow

Alchemia Krakow – The OG hipster bar of Poland’s second city

Read our guide to Alchemia Krakow - the original hipster bar in the heart of the bustling Kazimierz district...

Not a city break to Krakow goes by without a visit to Alchemia – or at least that’s how it seems whenever we try to settle in for a pint of Czech Pilsner and a good old halloumi burger here. A perennial mention in the Lonely Planet guide to Kazimierz, Krakow bars hardly come as famous as this. But there’s good reason for the buzz that surrounds it: Alchemia is a truly fantastic bar, with a kitschy edge that you won’t forget in a hurry.

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Where is Alchemia?

Alchemia Krakow is located on Plac Nowy, right in the heart of the Kazimierz area of Krakow, which is the main hipster and nightlife area of town. There are now two separate entranceways. One is on Plac Nowy itself, flanked by all the outdoor seating. The other is just around the corner and offers access to a designated dining space, which is worth knowing for when the main bar gets real busy and you came to eat.

The food and drink at Alchemia

Alchemia Krakow

We’re not sure which came first, the crowds or the fantastic beer. Either way, Alchemia has gone down as one of the original places in Krakow to celebrate the superiority of Czech larger. That continues on and you can still slurp big tankards of unpasteurized Pilsner Urquell, although the selection is now bolstered by a few dark Polish beers and craft ales from the Krakow region.

The coffee here is okay, but there are probably better spots in the surrounding area – not least of all the Kazi outlet of Karma Roasters. Where Alchemia really does stand out is on the food front. The joint has regularly-changing menus of interesting dishes like katsu curry, pad Thai, and falafel burgers. There’s always something for veggies, and something to suit no matter the time of day – from hungover brunches to dinner later on. The real challenge is likely to be getting a table

The atmosphere at Alchemia Krakow

Alchemia interior | © Live Krakow

Alchemia is ALWAYS busy. In fact, it’s among the busiest joints in the whole of Kazimierz. We’ve rarely dropped in and been alone.

The weekend energy here is fantastic, but be ready to jostle for a table. You can pick between indoor seats in the antique-filled living room space or go outside to grab a chair overlooking Plac Nowy – top people watching. Look out for the Narnia-esque wardrobe door that leads to the smoking area. Also be sure to check if there’s an event on in the basement downstairs – it’s a cracking venue for electronic music and all that jazz.

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