Explore Krakow.
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Moody bars in medieval cellars. Mist-swirled Gothic castles. Smoking sheep’s cheese and pierogi dumplings.
Krakow has all that and more. Let us be your guide to this enthralling Polish city.

Our top guides…

What to see in Krakow

We’ll show you the main sites, the main attractions, and the top draws in this UNESCO-tagged city. It’s exciting stuff.

Where to stay in Krakow

We know the hottest boutique stays in town and the heartiest highland taverns in the Tatra Mountains.

Where to party in Krakow

More bars per square meter than any other city in Europe – it’s a stat that means Krakow is a party town extraordinaire.

Where to eat in Krakow

From cheese-packed pierogi dumplings to great big knuckles of pork, the cooking in this city of kings is sure to impress.

The Ultimate Guide to Skiing in Poland

We’ve put together the leading guide to skiing in Poland on the whole internet. Big words. But then we’ve gone through season after season on the slopes of the Tatras and beyond, so this is bona fide first-hand travel stuff, folks…

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  • Hiking in Krakow

    The 5 Best Places For Hiking in Krakow

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  • Amsterdam to Krakow

    The Ultimate Guide on Getting from Amsterdam to Krakow

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  • Zakopane food

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  • Krakow public transport

    Krakow Public Transport: Our Guide to Getting Around the City

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  • Is Krakow safe

    Is Krakow Safe? The Ultimate Guide to Safety in the City

    Is Krakow safe? Check this guide, which includes all the info you need regarding safety for travellers in the city.

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Visit Zakopane – Poland’s winter capital

Snowy peaks // cozy hotels // ski fields

Our complete guide to this amazing town of timber-faced cabins and jagged Tatras mountains covers everything you need to know.

Local tips. By real locals.

The people who write for us know and love Krakow. That’s a red line. As such, they’ll tell you when something’s good but also when something’s not so hot. What’s more, it means all our content oozes with real pizzazz for this city that itself oozes pizzazz.

Guides to inspire

We try to offer guides that will get you thinking outside of the box in Krakow. We don’t want our readers to simply do the usual tours and be gone again. We want them to feel the mystery of the Main Square, unearth those smoky jazz joints in Kazi, and have nights to (never) remember in Podgorze.